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[Apeiron Title]

Apeiron (click on the sound icon for correct pronunciation!) is Andrew Welch's latest contribution to Ambrosia's growing collection of sizzling software. As with Maelstrom, Apeiron takes full advantage of a Macintosh's 256 color spectrum and digital sound capability. Apeiron is perhaps the best example of Ambrosia's wizardry in combining animation with high speed game play.

Coming Soon...

Apeiron is currently in the final stages of Beta testing. This is when Ambrosia sends a pre-release version of a program out to a select group of Mac enthusiasts. These folks beat on the program for a month or so and report bugs, conflicts and suggestions. Some of these suggestions really add to game play, but the main reason for beta testing is to insure compatibility. This is especially important now with the wide variety of operating systems and CPU's out there. If all goes well Apeiron is scheduled for a mid-January release.

Game Play

As simple as Maelstrom. Move the crystal with your mouse, and fire with your mouse button. The Caps Lock key will pause the game and Escape will quit back to the control panel.

[Apeiron Screen Shot]

The Story

During a port through the looking glass to Wonderland, the mirror shatters and your ethereal energy disperses to the individual shards of the mirror's crystal.

Player Crystal]

Having completed the port in this new form, the predatory residents of Wonderland sense your presence and hunt the crystal relentlessly trying to sap the energy out.

The Players

The biggest and badest fiend is the centipede.

[Full Length Pentipede]

Combining the ability to divide and multiply itself with a relentless thirst for energy, the creature winds its way through the mushroom patch intent upon devouring the crystal. You must systematically destroy each link in the centipede's body to kill him. Make sure your aim is true, but work fast. The longer you await the closer this sneakered psycho gets to you.

[Pentipede Attacking Crystal]

['Pede Crunching Crystal]

['Pede walking away from destroyed Crystal]

Other smaller but equally viscous predators are the scorpion and the flea. The flea fertilizes the mushroom patch, allowing new mushrooms to spring up where there were none. Tending the mushroom garden is tough work though, and the fly would love to shatter the crystal to get the prized energy within.

[Picture of Scobster]

The Scorpion is a true hunter. Working its way across your patch of the garden in a haphazard manner, the Scorpion hopes to exchange energy for venom. Let this guy sink his poisoned hook into you and you're history.

Not everything in this mushroom patch is working against you. There are certain mushrooms that are very beneficial to your situation. Blast one of these more potent mushrooms and you will be rewarded with extra points and a psychedelic light show. Gas mushrooms let out a hefty belch and free fall. Bag one of these babies and you are looking at five grand worth of points. But be careful, when they drop, they fall fast; and if you are under them they will land on you like a brick house and shatter your crystal.

[Crystal shooting at Gecko]

Your friendly neighborhood Gecko is completely harmless (no really, trust me...) and worth big points... if you can zap him. Be careful though, this likable lizard stays high and the danger is down low where you are.

So let us see how long you can last in Ambrosia's little enchanted garden. Sooner or later the 'pedes will be laughing over your grave too.

['Pedes gloating over a fresh kill]

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