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Interactive Table of Contents

By clicking on the Go To Icon next to each chapter heading, you will be given instant access. Click on the Table of Contents Icon found at the bottom of each page to return to this page and Exit will whisk you to the Finder. Browsing is also possible by using the window arrow keys at the bottom of each page.

[Go To Icon] About This Newsletter -- Cover page and general information about this document.

[Go To Icon] Info -- Legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia Times.

[Go To Icon] What's New -- Apeiron's release is soon upon us. Check out this chapter to find out about some other treats.

[Go To Icon] A P E I R O N -- Ambrosia's much anticipated mushroom mayhem program. Is it the son of Maelstrom? You be the judge.

[Go To Icon] President's Letter -- You think your boss stinks? Well find out what we have to put up with here at Ambrosia.

[Go To Icon] The Trial -- Part two of Hector's murder case. Will our fine feathered friend get the chair or be set free.

[Go To Icon] Up Close and Personal -- Find out all about the author of Ambrosia's forthcoming action arcade game Swoop.

[Go To Icon] New Brochure -- Ambrosia's simple product list is replaced with a full blown color catalog complete with order form.

[Go To Icon] Kudos and Criticism -- Come and see what other Mac drivers have to say about Ambrosia, its products and services.

[Go To Icon] How To -- Chiral instructional program, an interactive cheat sheet for Ambrosia's molecular bonding puzzle program .

[Go To Icon] Hints and Tricks -- Hot tips for Ambrosia's soon to be released game Apeiron. It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it.

[Go To Icon] Eek A Bug -- A few minor concerns for Snapz and Maelstrom users and how to get around them.

[Go To Icon] Read All About It -- How to find recent hard copy reviews of Ambrosia products in MacWeek, Macworld and others.

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