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What's New

by John Haley
This section covers some of the important stuff that has happened since our last issue. If you have not seen the previous issues yet, it may be worth your while to check them out. Sure, some of the news may no longer be new; but The Ambrosia Times is chock full of other information that is not so time sensitive.

[Hector's Mug Shot]

Apeiron launch date approaching. Mid-January looks like the target date. Yes, that's right. Ambrosia's latest in house arcade game will soon be available on an an online service or BBS near you. Killer 'pedes, kamakazi flies, disgruntled scorpions and swift footed geckos all add to some of the most exciting game play since Maelstrom. Find out more about this new high speed, low drag Mac game in the Apeiron chapter.

Swoop is on its way. David Wareing, a talented Macintosh game developer from Australia, has joined the Ambrosia family. This type of relationship will increase Ambrosia's selection of quality shareware for the Macintosh and give select, independent developers the exposure that they deserve. His action arcade game Swoop is quickly approaching beta-testing. For more information about the creator of Swoop see this months Up Close & Personal . For more information about the game itself, stay tuned for March's issue of The Ambrosia Times

Color Brochure in the works. Ambrosia is starting the new year with a new look. Check out the Color Catalog chapter to find out more.

CompuServe will be the latest international commercial online service to offer Ambrosia it's own plot of ground. Ambrosia and CompuServe are working together to have this new centralized location up and running by the March issue of The Ambrosia Times. A forum of our own allows us to better serve users linked to that service. Next step the Internet.

MLS stands for Mac's Last Stand, which is a Regional Online Service with First Class networking based in the North East U.S.. Ambrosia Software has just opened up a conference on MLS giving us a centralized location similar to our forums on AOL, eWorld and GEnie. The OneNet system is composed of independent BBS administrators across the country (world?) who use the First Class Interface system. If your local BBS is First Class, chances are Ambrosia's BBS conference may be just a local phone call away. If you would like to dial direct, MLS's phone number is 716.346.5555.

Response Time Halved. Up to now Ambrosia conducted a mailing every Friday. Registration postcards, upgrade disks and product lists processed throughout the week were processed and sent on their way every Friday. So if an order form was received on Monday, it would be a week before a response was mailed. Although a one week turn around is impressive in the mail order business, Ambrosia has decided to cut this time in half. We will now be conducting our mailing twice a week; Mondays and Thursdays. And if three days is still to long, our eMail response average is 24 hours and Ambrosia has a 800 line for registrations only that will provide a code instantly .

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