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It's About Time

by Eddie Brayman & Andrew Welch

[IAT screenshot1]

If one of your many New Year's resolutions was to get more organized in the coming year, Eddie Brayman and Ambrosia Software have something that will help you achieve it: It's About Time. It's About Time -- or IAT as we affectionately call it -- is an easy to use, flexible calendar program that will help keep you on top of things.

[IAT screenshot2]

Setting alarms to notify you of a significant event is a piece of cake with IAT's easy to use interface. IAT will tenaciously keep track of all of your alarms and notify you when they come due. IAT's diligence can help you stay on top of your career and keep you in good standing with the spouse (especially if you set a recurring "buy the wife flowers" alarm).

[IAT screenshot3]

Here we've created a list that stores frequently used phone numbers, so we can call them up from within IAT quickly and easily. IAT's flexible list editor allows you to create any number of lists for storing alarms, birthdays, names, phone numbers -- anything your little heart desires. IAT doesn't limit you to prefab forms: create ones that suit your specific needs.

[IAT screenshot4]

One of the goals kept in mind while designing IAT was not only to make it useful, but also make it easy to use. The Quick Entry feature is one of the many tools IAT puts at your disposal that takes the work out of organizing your life. Simply whip the Quick Entry window open, enter in your appointments, and leave the rest up to IAT.

[IAT screenshot5]

IAT's "day at a glance" window is a convenient way to quickly see what you've got on your plate for the day. Grab a cup of coffee in the morning, fire up IAT, and you'll be up to speed in no time.

[IAT screenshot6]

One of the many unique and innovative features that IAT sports is voice alarms. Want to remind yourself of important details about a luncheon, but don't feel like typing it in? Simply record your thoughts by speaking into your computer's microphone and they will instantly be linked to your appointment in the calendar. A deft mouse click will play them back for you later, letting you collect your thoughts while being refreshed of the pertinent details.

[IAT screenshot7]

In addition to being useful, IAT is also very accommodating: in no time you'll have it fitting you like a comfortable pair of shoes. You can create your own icons for special occasions, use any pictures as a background on your calendar, and much more. All of the features that IAT offers are easily customized, allowing you to tailor it to fit your personal aesthetics.

IAT won't bring you fame or fortune -- that's up to you -- however it will put you one step ahead of the competition, and give you more time for the things that really count in life.

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