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Kudos and Criticism

by Ambrosia Software Users


This section features reader responses to Ambrosia's software & service. We will include the good with the bad, and address any problems brought to our attention. These are real people, writing real letters about real issues. Feel free to drop us a line.

xMas Cheer

"Is it just me, or did the icons on the title screen to Maelstrom (the ones that contain the letters you press to access each option) just turn into red and green Christmas ornaments? You guys are too much ..."
-- Daniel R. Wilson
While some would consider it a frivolous waste of time to add little Easter eggs like that to software, we consider it a requisite. Who says you can't have a little fun -- that's the point, isn't it?

Evil Influences?

"As a parent, a former military supervisor, a future teacher, a scout leader, and a concerned citizen I must protest the suggestion of the waterpipe at conclusion of [Apeiron]. The waterpipe is usually associated with hashish and marijuana. Although I like the game I have deleted it until you remove/change ending. When it has been changed I'll gladly register a copy."
-- Charles A. Lenington
The closing graphic was directly inspired by that timeless children's novel Alice in Wonderland (one of our favorite books here at the Ambrosia home office). We're sorry if you were offended by it; you could always remove it with ResEdit if you so desired.

Ripping Away

"This game [Swoop] rips! When I down loaded this game.... And started playing it, it was so damn hard! It's all about how well you can shoot. I was to used to Maelstrom. But after killing a few hours from my work, I got the hang it...And registered it the next day over the phone. It was too easy. You Ambrosia are cool. If you're ever in San Diego, Ca. Let me know."
-- D. Vargas
Hey, Andrew was just out in San Diego. Visited the zoo, checked out some micro brews in the area, and just generally relaxed. Ah well, perhaps next time.

Online Rabble

[Re: the release of our new game Escape Velocity]
> > Iwanit Iwanit Iwanit Iwanit Iwanit Iwanit IwanitIwanit Iwanit Iwanit

> Attention! Step away from the keyboard. Slowly now, we don't want any trouble.
> You may want to take a vacation. ;)

Hey, give my little brother a break! :)
-- Matt Burch (EV Guy)

Mysterious Happenings

"Yesterday, while I was playing Swoop, something odd happened. When I chose New Game, it started me at a very high level (98). When my little brother pounded on the keyboard, did he discover a secret, or was it a problem with the game?"
-- Eager in Edgerton
We will tell you nothing! Nothing I say! You can't make us! $10? Well. OK, Hector did it. It's all his fault. I never liked him anyway.

Eclipse Confusion

"The file "Ambrosia FAQ" that accompanied Eclipse promises that Eclipse allows one to choose "graphics (PICTs, JPEGs and GIFs) and QuickTime movies from a folder full of choices" for the images Eclipse uses. I did not receive any such folder when I downloaded Eclipse from eWorld. (I have only the folder for active graphics, which contains only two: the Ambrosia and Eclipse logos.)"
-- James Wiley
Eclipse can display as many images (JPEGs, PICTs, or GIFs) or movies as you like -- you just need to drop them into the Eclipse Graphics folder (which is in the same folder as the Eclipse application). We only provide two "starter" images (the Eclipse and Ambrosia logos), but you can add as many as you like.


"Do you have any place a folk like myself might learn more about Ambrosia? Such as annual income, business status, etc.? I've been following your growth with a half open eye and I'm curious how far you've come from just Andrew's part time tinkering. :)"
-- Dean J. Brissinger
Batten down the hatches! Bar the doors! Arm the bird! It looks like there is a hostile corporate takeover afoot!

In all seriousness, the best place to find out about us is out web site (http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/), specifically the Thaumaturgist section.

Government Shutdown

"Your message has been received by the National Science Foundation and is being delivered to the addressee. However, since NSF is among those agencies which have been directed to shut down operations because of budget difficulties, the addressee may not be able to read your message until normal operations resume. We regret this inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding."
-- furlough@nsf.gov
Does this mean Hector won't get to ride on the Space Shuttle? It's his only hope to get airborne, please don't dash it.

Wither Easy Envelopes?

"Just a couple of quick questions about EE Pro. Are you all still working on it? I couldn't tell from the web page how long ago your post from the Ambrosia Times was."
-- Joe Mahoney
Yes, Easy Envelopes Pro is still a planned project. We have a spec for it drawn up, but have not yet begun work on it. We're doing our best to maintain all of our products as best we can. Thanks for your patience. When we have info on any of our new products or upgrades, you'll read about it here in the Ambrosia Times first.

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