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Eeeek A Bug!

by "Cajun" David Richard

Snapz Pro

If you haven't seen Snapz Pro, and are in need of a handy Screen Capture utility, you just have to check out this program. The product has been well received, and we are happy to report that the initial release has been extremely stable.

However, there were a couple of instances that escaped our gaze. Here they are, detailed for your enjoyment ;)

A new version of Snapz Pro will be released very soon. For notification, please sign up to our announcement list.

Bubble Trouble

Sine the last issue of The Ambrosia Times, we have come across a few more bugs in Bubble Trouble that we are working on. Here is the list, excluding what was reported in the last issue. We should see a new version of Bubble Trouble soon. For those of you who think you're pretty good, get ready to test your skills against others who think they are pretty good in the Bubble Trouble High Score Contest, coming with the release of the next version.

If you run into any problems that are not mentioned here or have any questions about any of our products, please drop a note to help@AmbrosiaSW.com

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