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Software Showcase - Snapz Pro


Ambrosia Software Releases Snapz Pro: The Professional's Screen Capture Tool

Rochester, NY -- December 4th, 1996 -- Today, Ambrosia Software, Inc. announced a major upgrade to its highly-regarded Snapz screen capture tool: Snapz Pro.

Snapz Pro allows you to quickly and easily capture any portion of your screen to disk as an editable image file. A single keystroke brings up the Snapz Pro palette, which allows you to capture, trim, crop, scale, and dither any portion of your screen in the blink of an eye.

Simply click on a monitor, window, or menu and Snapz Pro will automatically isolate, trim, and crop it -- no more tedious pixel editing to prepare your screen captures for publication. Snapz Pro also allows you to use a free-form selection to grab whatever portion of the screen you wish, for maximum flexibility.

Any image you capture can be scaled anywhere from 10% all the way up to 400%, as well as dithered to a wide range of color palettes. Snapz Pro offers over a dozen different PICT file types to choose from, so the captured image is immediately ready to be edited in your program of choice.

To save you time, Snapz Pro helps organize your screen captures by storing them in a special Screen Snapz folder, which is easily accessible from the Apple menu. Snapz Pro also allows you to create project folders, to logically group your screen captures, keeping them organized and easily reached. No more searching through your hard drive for lost images.

Snapz Pro trounces existing screen capture programs -- both commercial and shareware -- in terms of its feature set, ease of use, reliability, and its ability to capture the screen at virtually any time. It's also less expensive and well supported; good for you, bad for the competition.

As you'd expect from Ambrosia, Snapz Pro is robust, 100% PowerPC native, fast, easy to use, and efficient. It doesn't get much better than this; Snapz Pro is your total screen capture solution.

Ambrosia Software, Inc. -- publisher of award winning programs for the Macintosh -- distributes Snapz Pro and a full line of productivity, and anti-productivity (game) software as shareware. Unregistered versions of Snapz Pro on disk, and other Ambrosia Software products, can be obtained by calling the Arizona Mac Users Group (AMUG) at 602.553.8966.

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