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Eeeek A Bug!

by David Dunham

Matt Slot, our intrepid programmer, has been working hard on a bug in the CD module of CSP. This bug would cause some more obscure CD drivers to not recognize more than 4 tracks, or for some to not recognize more than 10 tracks. Something to do with track counts being BCD vs hexadecimal, that's binary coded decimal vs base 16 for you non geeks out there. He has sent out a beta version of the module and it seems to be taking care of the problem. Color Switch Pro v1.2.1 should be ready for release in a matter of days.

Another issue I have come across in Color Switch Pro is using a combination of the control key with another key for a hot key in the shortcuts module. This one appears in very limited circumstances, I know this because I have only heard from one person suffering from it. I wouldn't even bring it up but for the fact that it crashed my computer! When I was originally contacted about this one I gave it a try on my machine. Control-one was ignored by CSP, control-two "worked" only partly and control three sent my machine screaming into MacsBug. As I said this one only occurs in limited circumstances and Matt couldn't reproduce it on his machine. Anyone who has experienced a similar problem let me know at help@ambrosiasw.com.

Some of you Escape Velocity players may know about this one already. Sometimes when a pilot buys a cruiser on Luna, they find that their cruiser won't turn at all. The turn rate on a cruiser is supposed to be pretty slow but hey mingya not that slow. After they buy this cruiser they discover that none of the cruisers in EV will turn anymore. This one is particularly annoying as the player usually spends most of his credits on the ship. When contacted, Matt Burch responded that he had a good idea of what the problem is. He hopes to have a solution by the time Escape Velocity Override is released. What's that you say, what is EV Override - well check out the What's New Page in this issue to find out.

Last but not least, several people had problems with Harry the Handsome Executive even after the release of the 1.0.1 update. When they tried to open Harry they got a message saying, "Application cannot be opened because SoundLib cannot be found" After much consternation on my part, I discovered the obvious solution, thanks in part to a user smarter than me. Users just had to upgrade to the latest version of Quicktime. So if you have experienced this problem go to:

to download the latest version.

Well that's it for this episode of Eek-a-bug! Hopefully next month I won't have anything to write about at all;-)

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