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Ambrosia Software Releases Mars Rising: Fast, Furious Action for 1 or 2 players

Jason Whong
Ambrosia Software, Inc.
PO Box 23140
Rochester, NY 14692
Tel: 716.325.1910
Fax: 716.325.3665

Rochester, NY -- January 12, 1998 -- Welcome to Mars. The year is 2084. Resentful of Earth's economic dominance and the mother planet's refusal to permit an autonomous government, Mars Colony (a wholly owned subsidary of Terran Assets Corp) has unilaterally declared independence. A nationalistic, war-mongering General has siezed control with the help of unknown forces and her first act was to sever communications with the home world. Shortly thereafter, Terran military assets on Mars and in Martian space were attacked in a devastating and overwhelming surprise attack. All but Deimos have been lost.

Despite the magnitude of the loss and bewilderment as to how the Martian Defence Force (MDF) could have seized control of the planet so easily, Terran Command has ordered a stategic retaliatory action against key Martian facilities. You are to strike from Deimos using prototype Vac-Fighters.

It's a good thing you're wearing clean underwear.

Developed by David Wareing, Mars Rising is the hottest shooter to hit the MacOS this century. The vertical-scrolling game puts one or two players in the pilot seat of the prototype Vac-Fighter. Armed with a Wave Motion Gun and a bottom-mounted explosive payload delivery system, the Vac-Fighter is one hot piece of hardware - the perfect fighter-bomber for settling interplanetary disputes.

Liberating the Martian Colonists won't be easy, though. Separatist minions on land and in the air are ready to defend the planet they've just siezed. Luckily, they don't have the Vac-Fighter. Only the most skilful pilots can recapture 28 critical areas and restore the rightful government of Mars. Maverick pilots will have lots of fun doing it.

Write your name with bomb craters in the Martian soil. Bomb explosive gasoline trucks, and watch them burn. Blast entire squadrons of inferior opponents out of the sky. Confuse the enemy by destroying its sattelite dishes. Everything that moves becomes a target of opportunity in your quest to free the colonists. Free trade must be protected. War-mongerers must be destroyed.

Mars Rising features 28 levels of baddie-blasting mayhem, a custom stereo MOD soundtrack sure to rock anyone with an appetite for destruction, and all of the amazing graphics, multi-channel sound, and furious game play that comes with all Ambrosia products. An intelligent AI turns many of your foes into more than just simple targets waiting to be destroyed. Plentiful powerups round out the liberation experience.

Mars Rising requires a computer with a PowerPC processor, and MacOS 7.1.2 or later. The game is playable to level 4, but will require a registration fee of US $20 to unlock later levels. Think you're ready to defeat Mars Rising? Think again. Nothing can prepare you.

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