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Override Preview

The long-awaited follow-on to the classic Escape Velocity is coming soon. With a working title of Override, the game should appeal to most anyone who has ever played EV.

Rather than waste your time by writing up some marketing hoopla about a project that is not yet in beta, I'll share my first impressions of the pre-release version I've had sitting on my hard drive for the last month or so.

some ships

More than just a plug, but not exactly a sequel.

There has been some controversy on the net about whether the game is just another plug-in for EV. I can tell you that it was originally authored to be the mother of all plug-ins, and Matt Burch is working to dress up the EV engine just for this scenario. So, there will be a few improvements over the original EV, but no radical design changes. That's why we're not going to call it EV II.

A huge, immersive world

a map

The Universe of Override is extremely well-designed, with all kinds of alien races and civilizations. Gone is the "Confederates vs. Rebels" theme; instead, the humans are at war with the dreaded Voinians. At the start of the game, the human race has only met with this cruel, powerful foe. Could there be someone else out there? With a universe about five times the size of the original Escape Velocity, there just might be something else worth exploring.

Touch the world

Override makes extensive use of EV's "visbit" feature, which lets you shape the galaxy's future by your actions. Forget the never-ending campaigns of the Confederates and Rebels. Now you can stop a war by winning it!

a dogfight

New ships, new technologies

Human forces are pathetically weak in comparison to the heavy warships of the Voinians. The war takes a huge toll in lives and war supplies. Luckily, a keen space captain can explore the universe to find the technology and equipment that suits him or her.

Voinian hail

A plethora of missions

If you like trading, you'll find plenty of things to do. If being a mercenary whets your whistle, you'll also find an interesting game. Explorers will love Override's huge size. Pirates will have plentiful plunder. There's something for everyone in this game.
more fighting

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