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President's Letter

by Andrew Welch

[Andrew on Harley] The Ambrosia staff gathered at a local bar (The Distillery -- a great sports bar if you're ever in Rochester) to see the Jobs keynote at MacWorld, via satellite. I think the free food and beer might have helped encourage them to make the pilgrimage, but whatever brought them there was rather unimportant. I personally did not attend the event -- I wanted to go initially, but when the time came, I was buried in a sprawl of Irix 6.4.1, Perl, and httpd configuration, trying to get our new servers up to snuff.

They returned a few hours later, which gave me pause to wonder what I'd actually accomplished in that time, however I was more eager to find out what they thought about the keynote. Matt Slot, our Bitwise operator, sullenly declared "MacWorld: *yawn*". Jason Whong, our Marketing Droid, handed me a videotape of the event, which they'd thoughtfully decided to record for me -- but after Matt's glowing review, I decided to put the tape aside for a time when I had less to do. If it was nothing exciting, it deserves to get bumped.

A few days passed, and the reports from the expo began to trickle in. One afternoon, I finally gave in and decided to simply watch the keynote video myself. I was quite impressed; in fact I took Matt to task on his "yawn" review of the keynote while we were on our way driving to Buffalo. In short, there were some incredibly positive things announced at that keynote.

There were no bombshells dropped -- frankly, I think the last thing Apple needs is a bombshell that results in yet another change of focus. However there were quite an array of positive announcements -- enough to make me begin to feel a bit more positive about Apple's future. Here's to an interesting 1998!

[Andrew's Signature]

Andrew Welch
Ambrosia Software, Inc.

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