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by David Dunham


This section features reader responses to Ambrosia's software & service. We will include the good with the bad, and address any problems brought to our attention. These are real people writing real letters about real issues. Feel free to drop us a line.

Mars Rising rocks

From one of the many Wolves on AOL:

Hi. I love your games. I have recently re-re-discovered Mars Rising as an action crammed game that smothers you in fun. I really enjoy playing all of your games, but Mars Rising seems hard to stay away from for long. Not only is blasting away enemies with enhanced firepower a blast, but having a friend to help is more fun than you can find in other games. I probably like Mars Rising the most of all games for it's arcade style action that is packed with fun (except for the exception of EV Override :-).

Mars Rising is one of my favorite games of all time. There was a time there when I wasn't getting anything done, except "testing" Mars Rising.

More 2-player parties, please!

I would like to see more two player games from you. I extremely enjoy playing Mars Rising with a friend and on my own, but having another player is a different gaming experience. A wingman in Mars Rising is extremely fun, even though the problem of who gets what upgrades emerges. If a second Mars Rising is ever a possibility, I myself would definitely purchase it as soon as I could, especially to experience another two player mode.
A couple of things. First, go to:


There's nothing much there. Yet.

Second, if you like two player games, then you might want to try Slithereens. It has two player competitive and cooperative mode. Much fun.

The Never Ending Story

I also believe that you should continue the Escape Velocity legend. That game mixes mind challenging puzzles with space dogfights, interesting missions, building ships, and an economy to make a game that will not be compared to other shareware software. I believe it deserves no less glory than the amazing Zelda legacy Nintendo has produced (I love those games also). The plot of the game also seems never ending as you write your own history and freely change your fate. Also, the Strict Play option adds realism and challenge to a pilot who thinks (s)he can do it all. However, I have a question that has come up in my head numerous times: can EVO ever be beaten? I would expect it would be possible to conquer every system and complete every mission including those that are added with plug-ins, but is there ever a formal ending?
There will never be a point where the game says, "OK, I give, game over." But there can be a point where you've completed every mission, and dominate every planet. Of course, then you can go back and play the game entirely differently, with an entirely different outcome.

Then there's the plug-ins...

[snip] (Some questions regarding which programs are used to create Ambrosia graphics.)

Gee, thanks!

I would like to thank you to take the time to take the time to read this E-mail. I really like your company. No other products I have seen cram so much usefulness and fun as yours do. You relentlessly create games that give me hours of fun. Please keep up the good work.
You're welcome, thank you for writing. Sometimes I feel a little disconnected from our users; we don't have any retail stores, so we really don't have any "facetime" with our customers. It's great to get feedback like this and know people appreciate our efforts.


From Chris:

Hi, I would just like to say this: YOU GUYS KICK SO MUCH @$$ ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY!!

Thanks. It's nice to hear that sometimes. ;-)

I'll clean for you!

And this: Thank you, now, I would also like to say I want to work at Ambrosia when I get a little bit older. Heck! I'll be your janitorial staff! For next to free!
I'd like to introduce you to Hector's cage...

Ambrosia and the Macintosh Conspiracy

From Joseph:

I admit your product are very good. I hope be able to pay the software I have soon. Anyway, I had a friend over, a PC user, and he played around with my games. He came across Escape Velocity. He got addicted. He was playing it forever. I had to shove him off my chair so I could get my homework done. Well, after hours of gameplay, he had to go home. He asked if he could play at his house on his PC. I said no, it was for the Macintosh. He said, "Darn!" Gosh, I can't wait for more from you.

I love those...;-P

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