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by Jason Whong

Party Like It's...

It's January, 1999, and the worst has happened - I can't get that 17-year old song recorded by the artist formerly known as Prince out of my head. It's been playing all over the place, and I am tired of partying like it's 1999. Because it's not like it's 1999, it's really, like, really 1999. Or something.

Maybe if I play Slithereens, I can get the music out of my head. And what a coincidence! The first thing I have to talk about is:

Slithereens is Released!

I was hoping to announce it in November, but I am not going to complain about a December release of this rockin' game. Slithereens is new, hot, and wild! A crazy game for 1 or 2 players, and it uses Apple's InputSprocket, so all of you USB iMac people can rejoice!

Downloads are brisk, and everyone's talking about the 12th Ambrosia game (Jesse Liesch's first title with Ambrosia). We announced the release on The Mac Show, and it was a lot of fun.

ColorSwitch Pro Updated

We went ahead and revved up ColorSwitch Pro, so now it is 8.5 savvy, and should look good with all of your Appearance Manager themes. We also took care of a few lurking bugs, so go ahead and grab the new version (1.2.2) at your earliest convenience.

Ambrosia CD 2 Coming!

As I type this, Ambrosia CD 2 is on its way to our manufacturer in California. Packed with the latest versions of all of our software, including Slithereens, this CD is going to rock! In addition to the normal things you'd find on the disc, there's also some unique multimedia files from David and Jason - JPEGs, QuickTime files, and other cool things.

Oh, and one more thing - it comes in colors. Ambrosia CD 2 comes in blueberry, strawberry, tangerine, grape, and lime, much like the new iMac.

Pricing is the same as usual - $10 US, or $5 with registration. Unlike the iMac, you can't choose your color - it's the luck of the draw! We're working out details on special 5-pack pricing right now. Watch our website for details.

That's How We Laugh the Day Away...

Thanks to ePages, we now have an ftp mirror on the southern hemisphere. If you're in Australia, New Zealand, or even in some parts of Asia, it might be faster to download from there.

ePages is the Internet Service Provider division of 21 Year Old Software (a multimedia, internet & games developer). ePages specializes in Internet Access provision for SOHO, small business users, and high usage personal users.

Incidentally, if you've got a Unix box with 200 free MBs of space and a fast connection, you can join the Ambrosia mirror club. Drop a line to the boss man if you're interested.

The Awards... There's Just Too Many of Them!

Mac Gamer's Ledge announced that we won their "Best Shareware Game" award for 1998 for Escape Velocity. Not bad at all! Considering that Ambrosia products accounted for 72% of the vote, we're all pleased. We'll have to build another trophy case, though.

Macworld placed us in their Game Hall of Fame for 1998, also for EV Override. Please join me in hailing Macworld for their exceptionally good taste. Hip-hip hooray!

Mars Rising in the News

Macworld Magazine gave Mars Rising 4 mice in their January 1999 issue (which most folks received last November). MacHome gave it 4 apples a while back, so I guess that means they're in agreement. Please join me in hailing Macworld and MacHome for their agreement in exceptionally good taste. Hip-hip hooray!

Meanwhile, we're keeping very hush-hush about this other site. Oh, did I just mention that, and link it? Oops. Well, you heard it here first. We never said anything.

Some Betas, Some Alphas, and the Like

Ferazel's Wand is progressing with a newer alpha release. I'm sweating now just thinking about how awesome it is. And believe me, it is quite awesome. That's why my office smells like sweat right now. Thank you, Ben Spees! Maybe now Andrew can install a shower at the office.

We've got a QuickTime movie that's just under 6MB which really shows off how cool the game is. Check it out, if you've got the bandwidth.

Recently entering its sixth beta release is Cythera, the sleek RPG written by Glenn Andreas. With each new refinement, the game gets better and better! Zach Dunham is currently addicted to it, which is a good sign. Unfortunately, he is also a student, so he has his share of school and homework. But somehow, he has managed to get addicted, even with perfect attendance and good grades.

We also have another interesting tidbit for you -- we're collaborating with the Andrew Campbell, the author of the highly popular game "Battle Girl", on an upcoming project. Stay tuned, and keep your joysticks well lubricated.

That's it for now. Keep reading for more of what's in store.

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