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Where In The World Is Cheryl? [Picture of Globe]

by John Haley
Authorities have mobilized the general populace in search of a single missing person. It seems a fair share of Mac users in general, and Maelstrom fans in particular, have been deputized into this nationwide posse. Acting as a focal point for this interest, Ambrosia has jumped into the middle of the fray.

These are the questions that are plaguing us here at Ambrosia central on a daily basis. All creativity and software development has come to a screeching halt. Cajun has designated the technical support line to incoming Cheryl leads. Worst of all, Andrew has become obsessed with the whole enigma. Is Cheryl even a person, or some new super computer with an acronym as a name (like HAL) designed to usurp both the Power PC and the Pentium chip. Our fearless leader wanders the office in an insomniac daze muttering "Cheryl, Cheryl, Rosebud..." to himself. Andrew even inadvertently uploaded a sound file of this delirious chant.

The problem surfaced for the first time sometime in late April. At first it was just a few questioning phone calls. Then people started to ask about the whereabouts of Cheryl. These days our office is besieged with fax's, letters, eMail and phone calls demanding Cheryl. It seems those who can not directly take part in search efforts are sending in contributions to further the effort ($15 seems to be the norm). If there was such grassroots response to the Lindbergh Baby that story may have had a much happier ending.

Please rest assured that Ambrosia will continue its efforts in this mysterious search. Our offices will serve as headquarters to coordinate efforts on a global scale. We shall leave no stone unturned. And Cheryl, if you are out there, for God's sakes please contact us. I beg you. Please. We are here for you honey.

At the risk of being distasteful, I would like to take advantage of this forum to plug Ambrosia's tricky new puzzle game Chiral (rhymes with spiral). Although, released in mid April, not to many people have inquired about it.

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