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Rumourcide [Chainsaw Picture]

by John Haley
The electronic grapevine is quickly overtaking the telephone as the primary route of gossip and speculation in the nineties. This speed of information sharing is coupled with the ever changing nature of the computer industry to result in widespread misconceptions. If you have come across a juicy tidbit of news or gossip concerning Ambrosia Software or our products, we will be happy to shed a little light on the picture. Please feel free to send in any inquiries or observations that you may have.

"When I purchased Maelstrom 1.3, I was told that upgrades were free for all Ambrosia programs. But when I called in the person on the phone asked for $5. When did the free upgrade policy change?"

The free upgrade policy is still in effect. If you are a registered user of any Ambrosia Software product you are entitled to the new program free of charge. However, we do charge $5 for the disk, and shipping and handling costs. If you choose to download the program, or get it from another source, we will be happy to provide you with your registration code totally free of charge, we will even send you a license postcard. The $5 is needed to cover expenses for those that wish to have the latest version sent to them on disk. If you are ordering an upgrade, be sure to ask us to throw in other disks with it, the $5 fee will cover up to four disks. This is a great way to get the latest version of a program you already have and also check out exciting new stuff. We will help you stretch that $5 as far as it will go.

"A while ago, Andrew said he was working on a game called Martinet, but then Chiral was released. Is Chiral a revised version of Martinet?"

No, Chiral is a totally separate game that we adopted from Trevor Powell and enhanced. Martinet is still in development. Our next game release is scheduled for late summer, and that will not be Martinet either.

"I recently came across a version of Easy Envelopes Plus with Andrew's name and a Connecticut address. Did you guys move?"

Yes, we did, 'er, he did. The version of Easy Envelopes that you found is outdated (I have sent you a new version). Andrew is originally from Wilton Connecticut and that is where he started developing and distributing shareware. He moved to Rochester N.Y. about three years ago. Please use this address to insure prompt communication:

            Ambrosia Software, Inc.
            PO Box 23140
            Rochester, NY 14692

           Tel: 716.325.1910 (technical support)
                800.231.1816 (orders only)

           Fax: 716.325.3665

America Online: AmbrosiaSW
    Compuserve: 74777,1147
        eWorld: AmbrosiaSW
         GEnie: AmbrosiaSW
      Internet: help@AmbrosiaSW.com (technical support)
                register@AmbrosiaSW.com (orders only)

Currently we are managing a 24 hour turn around time for eMail correspondence received during the week.

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