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[Go To Icon] About This Newsletter -- Cover page and information about this document.

[Go To Icon] Info. -- Legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia Times.

[Go To Icon] President's Letter -- Every sixty days or so, Andrew says something real smart. Now you too can learn why jalopeno peppers should be included in every budding developer's diet.

[Go To Icon] What's New -- Two months is a lot of time here at the Ambrosia office. We can get into all sorts of mischief. Catch up on the latest news about Ambrosia's products, services and promotional events.

[Go To Icon] Up Close and Personal -- Sometimes it helps to have a better idea of who is on the other end of the phone line. In this section you can get a closer idea of who we are. A single employee or contract talent will be featured each issue. With our premier issue we interviewed the creative genius behind all of Ambrosia's home grown software. Stop by to pick up a few key pearls of wisdom.

[Go To Icon] How To -- So you just have to have your pedigree pet poodle's picture used with Eclipse? Ambrosia's Technical Support Manager "Cajun" David Richard will walk you through some of the more intricate features of Ambrosia's programs. In this issue "Cajun" will show how to install alternate sound files in Maelstrom and Chiral.

[Go To Icon] Busted! -- A little bit of fun fiction spawned from the multitude of messages. I'm addicted to Maelstrom" letters we receive.

[Go To Icon] Rumourcide -- So you have just heard that Ambrosia Software will be handling LucasArt's port of Rebel Assault for Macintosh? This column will tell you just how wrong you are. Who knows, we may even admit to the occasional piece of scuttlebutt as well. Another very heavily reader interactive column, send in the information and we will confirm or deny.

[Go To Icon] Cheryl -- We try our best to simplify animation, documentation and registration. How could we of gone so wrong with enunciation?

[Go To Icon] Shareware In Jeopardy -- Current legislation in both the House of Representatives and the Senate threatens the viability of shareware (I wish we could joke about this one).

[Go To Icon] Hints and Tricks -- This is where we divulge strategy, hints and shortcuts used in a wide variety of Ambrosia's programs. Border Patrol ace Second Lieutenant Ed "DAMAGE" Ota shares some valuable Maelstrom tips.

[Go To Icon] Eek A Bug! -- Eighty percent of our technical support time is spent answering twenty percent of the questions. Here is an opportunity for Cajun to go over the most commonly asked questions. For veteran Ambrosia fans and other power users, Cajun will also report on strange and exotic bugs not usually encountered and what to do should you come across one of them (Lie down and play dead until it goes away!)

[Go To Icon] Kudos and Criticism -- We get a lot of general comments in two months. This section is designed to let us showcase positive feedback and respond to negative comments. We value your opinion of our software and customer service, so let us know how we are doing. Come see what your fellow users are saying about us.

[Go To Icon] Software Showcase -- This will be our chance to go beyond standard product descriptions and answer some often asked questions. Besides standard functions, you will also be able to find out when it first was released, how long it took to develop and what prompted the idea. This issue we will take a closer look at Chiral 1.0.0, Ambrosia's puzzling new entertainment release.

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