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What's [What's New Star]

by John Haley
Since this is the first What's New column, theoretically everything should be new. Right? I know, pretty stupid.

Apeiron. That is what is new. It is so new you can not even get it yet. Apeiron will be the latest Ambrosia Software entertainment program and is scheduled for release in late July (if everything goes as planned, which it rarely does). Apeiron is Andrew Welch at his best. This game will bare a lot closer resemblance to Maelstrom than Chiral. It is based upon a tried and true arcade favorite from the same era as Asteroids, with traditional Ambrosia graphic animation and sounds added to heat things up. No I can't say which game it is based upon, but rest assured it isn't Blip. And for those die hard Andrew Welch fans, no this is not yet Martinet.

Ambrosia would like to share some of the costs involved with obtaining shareware games from online services. If you download one of our programs and would like to register, it's our dime. Just call 1-800-231-1816 and we will be happy to provide you with your code right over the phone. Instant gratification, isn't America great? Please have a Visa or Mastercard ready when you call. Pen and paper would also be a good idea to copy down your code (some of them can be long and they make no sense whatsoever). This is something that we thought would make life easier for Ambrosia Software users, if you can think of any other ideas be sure to let us know. We try to work hard so you don't have to.

The PowerPC is new for everyone. At the time of this article (6/16/94) we do not yet have a PowerPC in the office. It is on our shopping list though, right under milk, cookies and beer in fact. A few of our Beta testers have invested in PowerPC technology, as have many of our customers. The word on the street is that so far there are no compatibility problems with any of Ambrosia's programs. Of course all new releases will be tested for compatibility with the PowerPC. And once we get the new unit, we will start experimenting with going native (Unga-Bunga).

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