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Eek A Bug! [Picture of Bug]

By "Cajun" David Richard

As Technical Support manager here at Ambrosia, I come across my fair share of "bugs." Fortunately, most of the bugs have already been addressed and taken care of (such as this month's most commonly reported bug) or are the results of last night's Chinese take-out being left out in the sun.

Being able to handle "bugs" of all sorts with skill and dexterity (and an economy sized bottle of Raid ) helps, considering I live across the street from the mecca of bug breeding grounds, the mighty Genesee river. Plus, being from Louisiana, bugs are an integral part of my culture (fried crickets anyone?).

I just wish you could use Raid , or at least a skillet, on some of the bugs that follow.

Most Common Bug or A Technical Service Nightmare.

Right after the release of Apeiron, I was driving Andrew to the train station for a well earned vacation. On the way, Andrew says to me: "Oh yeah, if anyone writes in and says that Apeiron is crashing when they quit, have them check their system date, it's probably wrong." What this meant was that there was some date specific bug in Apeiron that would cause problems if the date was not in the bounds of the Apeiron High Score Contest. Joy.

So, later that day, I actually had someone call in with the problem. This was not a problem for me, being highly informed of everything. Well, we fixed the bug in version 1.0.1 of Apeiron, and not too many people called with the "crash when you quit" bug. Those that did, I handled with grace and professionalism.

Oh, but we forgot about the "date" specific bug. That date happened to be June 1st, 1995. Well, when that date hit, something else hit the fan. Every copy of Apeiron that was not version 1.0.1 started to crash, and the calls came in. Now, I only have so much grace and professionalism, so if you were one of the folks I was screaming "Upgrade! Upgrade!" to over the phone, please forgive me.

The Apeiron 1.0.0 --1.0.1 updater is available in all of our forums, and on the Internet. For complete paths, send me an eMail at AmbrosiaSW@aol.com..

Swoop Update on the way!

If you haven't yet seen our game Swoop, stop reading immediately, and go download it. Go ahead, I'll wait...

Excellent, here is the bug list as it stands. Many, if not all, of these problems will be fixed in a soon to be released update for Swoop.

As for the Swoop upgrade, its on the way!

"Cajun" David Richard
Technical Services Manager
Ambrosia Software, Inc.

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