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Interactive Table of Contents

By clicking on the Go To Icon next to each chapter heading, you'll have instant access. Click on the Table of Contents Icon found at the bottom of each page to return to this page and the Exit icon will whisk you to the Finder. Browsing is also possible by using the window arrow keys at the bottom of each page, or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

[Go To Icon] About This Newsletter -- Cover page and general information about this document and Ambrosia as a company. Come and meet the gang!

[Go To Icon] Info. -- Legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia Times.

[Go To Icon] What's New -- If you're unaware of what an Indy or a FAQ is, drop in here. We'll clue you in.

[Go To Icon] President's Letter -- Our fearless leader and omnipotent signer of paychecks speaks. All praise Andrew!

[Go To Icon] Kudos and Criticism -- Want to know what other Mac users think of Ambrosia? Check this chapter out.

[Go To Icon] Cool Stuff -- Something for the average guy on the street. Come and see what keeps Ambrosia's legions going.

[Go To Icon] Ramblings -- Blah, blah, bah-blah. Confessions of a junk mail junky.

[Go To Icon] Contest Winners! -- Stretched nerves, burned out mouse devices, and lost sleep have all paid off. Come and see how your Apeiron score compares to the High Score Contest winners.

[Go To Icon] How To -- When it comes to sound capabilities, Swoop is currently Ambrosia's most powerful game. Ambrosia's tech service manager "Cajun" Richard shows you how to tweak the most out of Swoop.

[Go To Icon] Hints and Tricks -- Some helpful pointers on Ambrosia's Swoop & Chiral. A quick mind and quick fingers can go a long way.

[Go To Icon] Eek A Bug -- If you've had trouble with Apeiron since June 1st 1995, you may want to give this column a quick read.

[Go To Icon] Joker's Wild -- An open appeal for your best jokes. Send 'em in, we all love a good laugh or two.

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