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by John Cook

I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer. We here in Rochester NY have had the temperature in the 80's for the last few days, so I invited the staff over to my house for a swimming party. As you can guess, the offer was accepted overwhelmingly. I even invited the interns.

After I got out of work, I raced home to do final cleaning and prepare the food. After I got a hold of the slave labor (my son), the work went quickly. As soon as the people started to arrive, the fun began.

First to arrive was Matt Walicke, David, David's friend Toni (very pretty) and David's son Zack (ten years old with brains). Before he was in the house Matt, in his usual demure manner, pushed by me and captured the kitchen. With all of the skill of a master chef, proceeded to make a dip for the chips that was truly food for the gods ie. Ambrosia. I must admit that it was very good. So we proceeded to take the chips, dip and adult beverages out to the pool. Zack and my son Joey disappeared to play basketball and N64. We saw them briefly for dinner and when they blew by so to jump in the pool.

So we talked about the usual things. Jason, Matt and one of the interns are going to MacWorld convention in New York early next month. [Ed Note- He is not an intern, he is Ben Spees, the creator of Harry!] They will have CD's with all of the products from Ambrosia on them. This is something new for us, producing our own DCs. They are not allowed to bring Hector as per the people running the convention as no animals are allowed. (Also the couple hundred death threats on his life from the players of EV Override that he has stolen tons of money from had something to do with it.) I am sure that Jason will have more information on it for you somewhere in this run of the Times.

We finally were talked out and we decided to cook some hamburgers on the grill. Matt Walicke, being the demure man he is, threaten to throw me in the pool if I came within 10 feet of "his" grill. I decide that this was my home, my grill and that I did not want to get wet in my regular clothes. Matt looked like a mad scientist throwing meat, seasonings and a few sharp objects around. But I have to admit they were great.

Just before we sat down to eat, Matt's current flame Andrea arrived. How he rates such a girl friend I will never know. (just another example of no justice in the world.) With in a few minutes Matt when from bouncing off the walls to the calmest person I have seen who was not drugged. Now the gang was all here, we dined on hamburgs, chip and dip, and cherries that Andrea was kind enough to bring along.

Then it happened!!! Those of us who planned to go swimming changed and returned to the deck. Being true friends everyone tried to figure out who they can throw in the pool. The first thought was to toss in the girls (why I have no idea.) But the baseball bats in their hands killed that idea fast. So after the kids got in the pool (yes I through my 11 year old in with much screaming and laughter.) all but Andrea, Jason and Peter the intern jumped into the pool which as chilly for a few seconds, but after a day that was muggy and 87 degrees, no one complained.

It was at this time we decide to start a tradition. It will be remembered as the Intern Swim for your life test. David, being the he man of the group, grasped Peter and with a feat of strength, threw him into the pool. As the laughter died down, David went for the double and grasped Jason next. David got him to the edge, but due to Jason's great agility, he avoided being sent to a watery grave. Then the monster of the deep appeared. Jason was caught by a death grip as the monster slowly and surely pulled the poor (innocent?) man to his doom. Jason finally was dragged in by superior size in his regular cloths. The monster was cheered by all until Jason gaps him from behind (COWARD!!!!) and back flipped him into the deep end. My back still hurts.

After we finished, we went inside for adult beverages (except for Peter who returned to the coke cola) and watched South Park. The ladies were even kind enough to explain most of it.

Well that was the evening everyone had fun and no one died. But if you look elsewhere, you may find an article regarding the off roading that the brave members of our staff (no, not be baby!!) went on a couple weeks ago.

Til then... BE HAPPY!!!!

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