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Ambrosia Software Announces New Games at MacWorld NY


Jason Whong
Ambrosia Software, Inc.
PO Box 23140
Rochester, NY 14692
Tel: 716.325.1910
Fax: 716.325.3665

Rochester, NY -- July 8, 1998 -- Ambrosia Software struck a major blow to productivity in the workplace by announcing future plans for its line of entertainment products for the MacOS. The arsenal of titles in development is slated to cause bouts of nonproductivity and digital addiction.

Leading the pack of titles in development is Cythera, Ambrosia's much anticipated entry into the roleplaying game field. With the engine and scenario designed by Glenn Andreas, the game is sure to please RPG fans all over the world sometime this year. Caught up in a time of political tumult, the land of Cythera is on a path to destruction. Alaric, the LandKing, is weakening, and so is his power to maintain his mythical bond to the land. Are you the hero that can cure the King, preserve innocence, and vanquish evil in this doomed island nation?

Snaking its way into the action gaming scene is Slithereens, a sly new game by Jesse Liesch. It's a fight to the finish and sometimes being the biggest, baddest snake is not enough to ensure the safety of your reptilian hide. Maneuver your snake within the confines of the dangerous rock maze. Bite the tails of other snakes, but be careful! One well-placed bite from a foe, and it's all over for your snake! Featuring play over AppleTalk or the Internet, and 2 player cooperative or competitive play, Slithereens should be set to slide onto your Macintosh sometime in 1998.

Manse is back on track with a new engine. The first-person perspective game by Brian Barnes will send players on a quest to discover the secrets of the haunted mansion. Optimized for the latest 3D cards, it is looking better than ever before. Featuring a text parser, multiplayer games via the Internet, multiple camera angles, and awesome lighting effects, the engine should develop into an interesting game before too long.

Ben Spees is hard at work on Ferazel's Wand, an exciting action game of wizardry and magic. Avenge your peaceful, cavern-dwelling Habnabit brothers and sisters by journeying through the Seven Lands of Teraknorn, to the perilous Great Western Desert. Along the way, develop your character with magical spells, weapons, and techniques, and battle the minions of the Dread Queen Xichra. Perfect for any Ambrosia fan, the game will have plenty of fun surprises for players of all ages. It will feature a killer parallax scrolling engine, and over 1000 frames of hand-drawn animation.

Ambrosia's first CD-ROM is available at the MESA store in the MacWorld Expo. Packed with installers, add-ons, and goodies, the CD retails for $10, or $5 with the purchase of a license code. A limited run for the show, it is certain to be a collector's item, so grab one while you can! The CD-ROM also makes a great gift for any game fan.

Ambrosia's bimonthly newsletter, The Ambrosia Times, was reborn today, Kicking off its fifth year with a redesign and new distribution format. Now entirely in HTML, the publication will sport smaller file sizes while gaining a smashing new look. The new issue features sneak preview screenshots of the above titles, as well as instructions for moving an Escape Velocity ship into EV Override.

Ambrosia's final announcement: Expect more. In addition to these new developments, Ambrosia still has other projects, plans, and parrots in the pipelines. Besides these games, there are other titles that are in earlier development stages. The coming year should be pleasantly surprising for all gamers.

Ambrosia Software, Inc. - publisher of award winning programs for the Macintosh - distributes a full line of utility, productivity, and anti-productivity (game) software through America Online, CompuServe, and the Internet as shareware.

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