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by Jason Whong

Hello MacWorld!

July 8 is finally here, and you'll be glad that we held up the 'Times until today. We've got all kinds of things to announce, in addition to the new look throughout the newsletter. We hope you'll enjoy all of the surprises that you'll find today!

The Ambrosia CD is here!

Ambrosia CD #1 went into production just in time (literally) for the show. priced at $10, the CD has every Ambrosia title on it, as well as some interesting add-ons, and some other cool additions. You can even snag it for half price if you register a game at the show! Come to booth 2013, or stop by the MESA store at booth 2104 (right across the aisle from our booth) for details.

We'll eventually be able to sell the CD-ROM from our headquarters in Rochester, but until that day, you'll only be able to get them at the show. You can even drop by our booth to get it autographed! One thing is for certain: Since it is a limited run, this CD is sure to be a collector's item!

Enter the Mars Rising National Championship

If you're at the MacWorld show in New York, why not enter the Mars Rising National Championship? Compete against others for the title of Top Martian Gun! Thousands of dollars in prizes will be given to the winners of this and other events in the Macintosh Gaming National Championship, a first-time event Sponsored by Apple Computer and MacSoft. Sign up for the contest now!

We're in booth 2013!

Ambrosia has booth 2013, a stylish corner area with some very special computers: 2 Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh computers running the latest games and releases from Ambrosia, and another two machines for other demonstrations. Come on down and check us out! We're right in the center of the Mac Gaming Area!

Staffing the booth will be Ambrosia lackeys Jason Whong and Matt Walicke. Ben Spees, the creator of Harry the Handsome Executive, will be on hand to meet fans and discuss the programming biz. Unfortunately, since live animals are not allowed on the Expo floor, we can't bring Hector, our crusty African Grey Parrot. But we have a nice stuffed stand-in, whose job is to guard the candy stash.

In Development

We have some games in the pipes, as many of you are aware of. The first surprise announcement: We will be demoing the redesigned Manse engine at our booth. If you can't make it to the show, there are a few screenshots in this issue.

Last issue we hinted that something might "slither out". Well, it looks like the snake is out of the bag! Slithereens, a new game from Jesse Liesch, is in development, and gearing up for release. You can also check out a demo of this awesome game at the show. Don't lose your skin if you can't be there; we also have some screenshots of it in this issue.

Ben Spees is working on Ferazel's Wand, a nifty game that will feature intense magic, advanced graphics and awesome sound. No screenshots are available just yet, but keep your eyes open. Ben is throwing his heart and soul into this one!

Cythera is still in beta. Glenn Andreas is working diligently to provide the game with more details that should make the game even more fun. Zach, our new 9 year-old office plant waterer, is having all kinds of fun playing it, so you know it has to be good.

Mars Rising 1.0.2 Released

David Wareing emerged from an Australian salt mine, and released version 1.0.2 of Mars Rising, which contains a few important bug fixes. The update is highly recommended, particularly if you have 2 monitors, or are having any problems with earlier versions.

The Ambrosia Times is new!

We're kicking off our fifth year with what we call a "minor redesign". We now have graphical banners at the top of each page. Additionally, we made a move from DocMaker to HTML for the downloadable version. In the last issue, we asked readers to cast their votes for their favorite format. 100% of the people who voted wanted HTML (except one, who later changed his vote anyway).

We decided to keep the same navigation style as before, because some older browsers don't understand clinet-side imagemaps. We want the AT to be usable by as many people as possible, even on non-Mac platforms (you can't blame the Wintel users for their envy!).

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