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by David Dunham

Ambrosia has just released Snapz Pro 2. Snapz Pro now has the ability to capture just about any action on your screen as a QuickTime movie. We've encountered a few issues. Andrew hasn't had a chance to look into them, but we have a workaround for most.

If you select None as the compression codec for the audio track, and select a Mono track, the audio track will be saved in stereo.

As a workaround, select the Qualcomm codec, and then select Mono. The track will be still be of high quality, and the track can be saved in Mono.

When an image is scaled and sent directly to the printer, if the image is larger than a single sheet, then SP will scale it to fit, without a notice to the user, or an option to override it.

A workaround is to scale it, send it to the Screen Snapz folder, open it in Simpletext and print directly from there.

A clever user diagnosed a conflict with SP and Logitech's Mouseware M3.0 USB control panel (used with their Mouseman Wheel and USB Wheel mice). If they were both active, then a user could no longer scroll in windows with the mouse's wheel, and the mouse's button settings weren't correctly interpreted.

SP's performance wasn't affected. The same user who detected the conflict noted that if he put a space in front of Snapz Pro's name, and they loaded in a different order, there was no conflict.

Another user of Snapz Pro found that she could only save images as PICTs, and she had lost the ability to name her images. She trashed prefs, rebooted, re-installed Snapz Pro, all to no avail.

She later noticed that Photoshop had lost the ability to make previews for saved images, due to a reported error in QuickTime.

She reinstalled QT, and the problem with Snapz Pro disappeared. I love those bugs ;-)

Until next time...

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