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by Jason Whong

MacWorld NY

Once again, I'm here to tell you all a bit about MacWorld Expo New York. So far, IDG has held two MacWorld Expos in New York City, and Ambrosia has gone to both of them.

Last year, we had our own small booth, and Brian and Mary from Kernel Productions shared our space. Since it was my first MacWorld, I welcomed their knowledge and experience. This year, we built on last year's successful arrangement by sharing booth space with Kernel and Green Dragon Creations.

We thought that if we shared one large space, and scheduled demos on a large screen television, we could share the excitement as well. People who were excited about Ambrosia's products would trickle over toward Green Dragon's and Kernel's, and vice versa.

I must say that it is flattering to give a demo and have traffic in the aisles stop. This happened several times when we gave a demo of Ferazel's Wand; additionally, there were large audiences for Cythera and Pop-Pop.

This year, we had visits from two developers: Ben Spees, creator of Harry the Handsome Executive (now working on Ferazel's Wand), and Andrew Campbell, creator of Battle Girl (now working on Pop-Pop).

I really enjoyed meeting Andrew Campbell. I had spoken to him briefly during last year's show, but this year it was neat to talk to him face-to-face about Pop-Pop, and all of the hard work that goes into it. I think he and I share a fondness for anime and classic games.

But what probably takes the cake are these photos(taken by Gerrit Goosen) of Andy Ihnatko, one of my personal heroes, playing Ferazel's Wand with Ben Spees looking on and offering guidance.

Andy Ihnatko smiles as he plays Ferazel's Wand with Ben Spees.

Ben plays Ferazel's Wand on a large screen TV as 100 people (not pictured) look on.

David and Jason narrate, crack jokes, and keep people entertained, while Ben becomes one with Ferazel.
Photo by Corey Tamas, Macgamer.

Bernard, Jason, and Ana of Green Dragon strike a pose.
Photo by Corey Tamas, Macgamer.

All in all, it was a great show for Ambrosia, and a great show for the Mac. I'll never forget the cool Mac people I met, and the exhausting (but fun) time we had in New York. The Big Apple is a place where Apple should be.

And now, without further adieu, here's my list of links that had some pretty good coverage of us at the show: