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Ambrosia Times: Howdy, and who might you be?

Bernard Cockhern: I'm Bernard Cockhern.

AT: Oh my goodness! You're the new finance person at Ambrosia Software! Tell me, how are you liking work so far?

BC: I really enjoy working at Ambrosia. The people are great, the company is moving ahead, and I feel like I can contribute a great deal to the company's success.

AT: That's great! What kind of experience do you have in Finance?

BC: Most of my experience is in banking.

AT: Sounds Great. What other experiences do you bring with you to work?

BC: Retail. There's a lot of customer service involved in retail, just as there is here at Ambrosia.

AT: Tell us about your lovely family. I like the picture you've got on the wall.

BC: Yes, I am married to a beautiful lady named Cindy and I have a wonderful daughter named Selena. The first time I met Cindy, I knew I had to marry her. Selena is our daughter, and I love them both dearly.

AT: Are you enjoying the challenges that come from working in the Finance department?

BC: Yes, I really enjoy coming to work and having something different to do each day.

AT: Where do you see yourself ten years from now? (No, we won't fire you if you give the wrong answer).

BC: I'm really not for sure, I know that I want my own business but I don't know when I will take that step. I have a family, so I have to think of them first. If starting my own business will jeopardize my family, I won't do it.

AT: What do you do in your spare time?

BC: I am heavily involved in my church and I like to fish, golf and spend time with my family.

AT: Are you planning to have more children?

BC: Ha, Ha! I am, but my wife isn't! Well, we are going for the second child next year but after that I don't know, I want five, but she wants two, so we'll see what happens.

AT: Five! Wow, that's a lot. What's your favorite Ambrosia game?

BC: The one that's not out yet, Ferazels Wand!!!!! Ben Spees is such a great programmer.

AT: And your favorite non-Ambrosia game? (We all have one, don't be shy...)

BC: Civilization. I love pouncing on the defenseless spear-people with my chariots. Tanks are cool, too. I try not to use nukes, though. Those are scary.

AT: Do you have any special powers? For example, I can talk to plants.

BC: Yes, If I stare at something hard enough, I can see faces of people watching us. Most people can't pick these things up. As a matter of fact, I might be the only one.

AT: If you could make any game, what would it be?

BC: A network strategic war game. I like those kind the best.

AT: Thanks so much for your time, Bernard!

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