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by Jason Whong

Oppressive Heat...

It's July, the month when some people watch explosions in the air, and others just wait for August. I love July, except for when the heat causes people to turn on their air conditioners. That's when the power company occasionally says "I give up" for a fraction of a second, and everything goes offline. Not fun. No sir.

Snapz Pro 2 is here!

Snapz Pro 2, our flagship screen capture utility, was recently released, and crowds went wild all over the world! For those of you that missed the announcement, Snapz Pro 2 lets you grab almost any part of your Mac's screen, and save it as a picture, or as a QuickTime Movie.

Shortly after its release, it was revved to version 2.0.1, which took care of a few bugs. You can read about this in Eeeek a Bug!

This is very big news! Now you can use Snapz Pro 2 to offer instructions to other users, or maybe even to record your exploits online. If you're curious about how to embed quicktime movies into web pages, we've taken a look at how Apple does this on their own site; you can find this in the How To article.

MacWorld New York

Ambrosia's presence at MacWorld this year was huge! In addition to a booth for Snapz Pro in the Digital Media Studio (#1901), We also had a huge 400 square foot booth (#1861) smack dab in the middle of the Mac Gaming Area.

Some of you may be wondering why the number 1861 is different from the one we printed in the last issue of the 'Times. Well, to tell the truth, IDG, the organizers of MacWorld, decided to renumber everyone's booth a while ago. Oops.

At the show, we had a large screen TV which we used to show off Ferazel's Wand, Cythera, and a glimpse of Pop-Pop. Ben Spees and Andrew Campbell were on hand to meet people and show off their latest wares.

You can read more about it in Jason's GeekBoy piece, later on.

Stylin' Tee Shirts

While we were in New York, we made some styling Ambrosia Tee shirts! These durable, 100% cotton tee shirts are guaranteed to be 100% free of Microsoft particles. Never again worry about your shirt's failure to fold because of a General Protection Fault! And, what's more, if you try an "Illegal Operation", the shirt will not object!

We'll be selling these at our web site soon.


Cythera's development has become much much more exciting in recent weeks; beta 10 of Cythera was just released, and we're all going to test it like madmen until it is ready to ship. Glenn Andreas is still working double time, and things are becoming very interesting very quickly.

Cythera is coming sooner than you think.

Ferazel's Wand

Since Ben's arrival in Rochester, he's been hard at work on Ferazel's Wand. Some of the things he's been adding include cannons, fire effects, air currents, and other cool things. Check out our screen shots section for more on these fantastic additions to what is sure to be an amazing game.

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