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Current Events

Times Are Changing

The software industry is subject to a great deal of change. A lot of different factors affect the ripples in this little pond that Ambrosia is sailing around in. Here I would like to take the opportunity to draw attention to a few current events and how we think they will affect Ambrosia.

The Other Oracle

Oracle the PC database giant has decided to release its latest product, Personal Oracle 7, as shareware. Users will be allowed to download the complete product for a set trial period. Before download, users must first provide their name and other contact information.

Ambrosia has maintained right along that electronic distribution is the way of the future. We are happy that other folks in the software community are joining in.

What A Tangled Web We Weave

Recent studies show that right now there are over 27,000 individual World Wide Web sites. This number doubles every fifty days or so.

Ambrosia is jumping right on the cyber (forgive me, O great god of overused phrases) band wagon. We are currently working with a third party Internet consultant to have all of our stuff offered at their site. We also have invested in the software & hardware needed to become a "node" ourselves. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this area.

Trade Wars

The U.S recently narrowly avoided a full blown trade war with mainland China. One of the main issues disputed was China's flagrant violation of copyright law. Apparently, in China counterfeit cigarettes, jeans, music CD's and software are a way of life. Ambrosia has received software registrations from almost half the countries on the globe (no, really) but so far we have not penetrated the "Bamboo Curtain." Rather suspicious when you consider what percentage of the world's population lives in China. We may have to send Hector on a mission.

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