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Kudos and Criticism [Mailbox]

by Ambrosia Software Users
This section features reader responses to Ambrosia's software and service. We will include the good with the bad, and address any problems brought to our attention. These are real people, writing real letters about real issues. Feel free to drop us a line.

"Hard to believe, but Apeiron is better than Maelstrom! My instant favorite game. So addictive that I will surely fail college and my life will be ruined. Thanks."
-- Brian Brown

Your very welcome. We sympathize with you, but do not fear. Maelstrom's aftermath left us well prepared. Ambrosia has extensive rehabilitation programs designed to return game addicts to their homes as productive members of society. Forget college, with Apeiron the future will be in selling mouse replacements. Build a better mouse and the world will beat a path to your door.

"On week days I am an elementary school principal; on weekends, I supplement my income by running a word processing service where I edit other people's manuscripts for instruction manuals, workbooks, theses, etc... But, you have now added another game that I have not been able to stop playing since I downloaded it last night: Apeiron. When I go on welfare because I have lost all my income sources, I will name you as the cause! Drats! Drats! Drats!"
-- Mac Mouse

We will be announcing the first meeting of Apeiron Addicts Anonymous soon. Originally we were going to sponsor group sessions online. But now there are rumors that the next Operating System may support multi-tasking. It would be tragic indeed if some poor soul had the ability to attend an online group therapy session while simultaneously maxing out Apeiron. Our staff psychologist, the renown Dr. Hector D. Freud, will have to rethink his original plans.

"I'm tellin ya, man, they're everywhere. The bugs! I can see them. I can see them with my eyes closed! I see them when I sleep! They're in my dreams! And they're crawlin. Crawlin all over my screen, man. The ball in my mouse, it's melted, man, but I gotta keep goin. Must, must stop them. Must shoot the bugs!"
-- Brian67

Step away from the machine. I repeat; step away from the machine. Step outside, take a deep breath, feed the dog, mow the lawn; anything. You are dangerously close to going over the edge. Everybody knows that the bugs can't really get you; unless of course you have an open port. Then you are in a world of poop.

"Demonic! How do I get my kids off the Mac? My productivity slumps! It's all your fault! Continue the good work!"
-- Ransom Martin

Shhh, watch it with that demonic stuff. Some folks already think that our logo is the devil (it's not, it is Zeus, head honcho of the Greek gods).

As far as your kids go, the best trick seems to be to take them for a drive in the country. Pull over and throw some 3.5 disks into the woods. While the little rugs rats are rooting through the underbrush for the disks, beat feet back to the car and take off. It should work once or twice, at least.

"Entirely to addicting! Stop it, stop it now, I can't quit! I need help! It's just too damn silly. I think it's contagious..."
-- ItalyTom

Hey, you may not know it, but when you purchased your Mac you opened the door for a little silliness in your life. It is right there on the original warranty, on the back, in real small print. As far as the "can't quit" and "I need help" stuff; the only comfort I can give is that you are not alone.

"Tremendous value and addictive too. Sound and play action work very well together. If there are cheat modes (hidden or secret codes I would love to hear of them..."
-- Steven Murray

Hidden codes? Us? What makes you think we would put in any hidden codes? Well, just think of the codes as little, tiny nuggets of gold, and that this newsletter is a big old mountain. Make believe your mouse is a pick axe and start digging. Clicking on pictures (and white space) will uncover hidden treasure.

"Totally addictive you swine. When does Swoop come out? ToDo! is cute but maybe $15 seems a bit much when Apeiron must have had ten times the development effort is the same price."
-- Peter T.

We are glad that you appreciate Apeiron. As for ToDo!; is the glass half empty, or is it half full. We could of asked $20, or even $25 for Apeiron. Such prices are not unheard of, even in shareware. As for Swoop, it will be out soon, before April. Stay tuned.

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