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About This Newsletter -- Cover page and general information about this document and Ambrosia as a company. Come and meet the gang.

Info. -- Legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia Times. Sign up now for your free subscription.

What's New -- Barrack released, a redesigned AOL forum, a slew of product updates, and Andrew goes topless!

Kudos & Criticism -- Each month we dig our hands into the Ambrosia mailbag for a few select letters to answer in this section.

President's Letter -- Are those fancy 3D games really more fun? Andrew takes a hard 2D look at today's 3D marvels.

Barrack Press Release -- With Barrack released, Ambrosia says, "Get some balls!"

Hints and Tips -- Being driven bonkers by Barrack's balls? Here's some information that should help protect your sanity.

Escape Velocity Update -- The universe is ever expanding -- find out what Captian Scumdog is up to in Escape Velocity.

Avara Update -- Is your itchy trigger finger bothering you? Find out what we have in store for you with Avara.

Up Close and Personal with Greg Lovette -- Find out more about the man who brought Barrack into the world.

Valentine Winner -- Find out who stole Gayle's heart for Valentine's Day!

AOL Forum -- Ambrosia has a brand spanking new forum on America Online. Here are the details.

Geekette -- What's so great about dogs? Are they really man's best friend? Our own Gayle Haarr shows us that there are many benefits to our furry friends.

The Great Internet Chess Game -- Cajun and Matt Burch go head to head in a different kind of network game, and they did it without Hector's approval!

How To -- You say you don't like a particular sound in Apeiron? This issue we look at creating alternate sound and sprite files for Ambrosia's games.

Eeek A Bug! -- What's the poop on the updates for Eclipse 3, Swoop, Maelstrom and Chiral.

Ramblings -- In this issue Escape Velocity's creator, Matt Burch, speaks. His topic -- speakers, of course.

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