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What's New

by Andrew Welch

Barrack released!


Barrack is OUT! Run, do not walk, to the Ambrosia forum of your preference and grab this insidiously addictive new gem! You'll find an in-depth treatment of Barrack later on in this issue, so we'll leave it short and sweet for now.

AOL Forum Redux

Cajun has done a complete overhaul of our America Online forum (Keyword: Ambrosia), which has turned a good thing great. The Ambrosia forum on AOL has been completely revamped with better graphics, more logical organization of files, an area for user-uploaded files, and much more. Stop on by for a visit if you have an account on AOL.

Beta Update

Avara and Escape Velocity are still in beta test, but for a good reason: we've added some incredible features to both games. Read on for more information on these two games later in this issue.

Updates Galore!

Eclipse 3.0.1 has been released. It's a minor bug fix release which addresses a few relatively minor problems found in the initial 3.0.0 version. Not bad for a complete rewrite!

Maelstrom 1.4.3, Swoop 1.0.2, and Chiral 1.0.2 have been released; the changes are relatively minimal in each case. The upgrades were done mainly to include our new registration system and FAQs with the games to give our product line a coherent look, and to fix a few lingering bugs. In the process however, Chiral was made 100% PowerPC native, and includes a new 8 channel stereo sound system.

Web Update

The Ambrosia Cafe has been steadily been gaining both new web sites and accolades alike. Our server currently receives approximately 50,000 hits a day, with no sign of the activity abating! Check it out at http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/Cafe.html


And finally, in the on-going saga of Andrew's Jeep, the hardtop was recently hit by gusting winds strong enough to rip it clean off and send it plummeting down 4 stories to the pavement below, where it promptly shattered. Talk about a maelstrom.

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