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Software Showcase - ColorSwitch Pro


Ambrosia Software Releases ColorSwitch Pro: Master your Macintosh

Rochester, NY -- March 27th, 1997 -- Today, Ambrosia Software, Inc. announced a major upgrade to its highly-regarded ColorSwitch utility: ColorSwitch Pro.

ColorSwitch Pro takes the cue from Apple's vaunted Control Strip, adds many sorely-missed features to the mix, and packages it all up in a tidy, convenient pull-down menu that's always available when you need it.

ColorSwitch Pro allows you to master your Macintosh with a set of convenient controls for adjusting things such as speaker volume, monitor resolution and color depth, audio CDs, and more.

Simply pull down ColorSwitch Pro's handy icon-menu, select the setting you'd like to change, and instantly ColorSwitch Pro does your bidding. No more fiddling with a bevy of control panels or sacrificing your desktop space to Control Strip.

ColorSwitch Pro's real power lies in its Shortcuts feature: any combination of settings can be grouped together into a single Shortcut. For instance, you might have a "Game" Shortcut that switches your monitor to 640x480, 256 colors and cranks up the sound volume.

Once you've set up a Shortcut, a single menu choice makes it works its magic, no matter how many settings it changes. You can also assign a keystroke to your Shortcuts, or even link them to certain applications so that your settings take effect the instant those applications are launched. Set and forget.

The kicker is ColorSwitch Pro's modularity: ColorSwitch Pro uses a plug-in architecture which allows for additional modules that extend its functionality. Simply drop modules into the "ColorSwitch Pro Modules" folder, and they're instantly integrated into the ColorSwitch Pro menu -- no rebooting necessary.

ColorSwitch Pro is a quick, convenient way to stay in control of your Macintosh. It is instantly available when you need it, while otherwise staying out of your way. ColorSwitch Pro is an elegant utility that will become an essential part of your Macintosh experience.

Ambrosia Software, Inc. -- publisher of award winning programs for the Macintosh -- distributes Snapz Pro and a full line of productivity, and anti-productivity (game) software as shareware. Unregistered versions of Snapz Pro on disk, and other Ambrosia Software products, can be obtained by calling the Arizona Mac Users Group (AMUG) at 602.553.8966.

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