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Manse Preview

by "Cajun" David Richard

As Manse enters the beta stage of development, we wanted to preview the game and let you know about the new technologies that Brian has implemented over the last few months.

Manse features 16-bit graphics that allow for transparent and translucent materials (like glass). Having thousands of colors available also gives Manse the ability to display true real-time lighting effects from a variety of lighting sources, including torches, flashlights, and glowing crystals. Manse also has effective lighting changes across different hours of the day.

Manse is RAVE compliant and takes advantage of this new technology. Maps for the game consist of free-form polygons, which allow for multiple levels in the same room. Across the many maps in the game you will find over 70 different objects that can be added to your inventory. Each object will have its own abilities and characteristics, and can be placed in either your left or right hand.

The logic engine is similar to those found in many of today's adventure and RPG games, but having the first-person view as well as the objective nature of the game makes Manse an experience unlike any other. Anything in the game; torches, tables, bookcases, gargoyles, can be manipulated and moved around to suit your needs (and also help you to progress further in the game).

Of course, we have created some fun and entertaining sounds to add to the atmosphere of this dark and gloomy place. These, along with the latest advances in sound technology from Ambrosia Labs, such as ambient sounds and stereo panning, will make you feel like you just might not be alone.

Other specifics of the game include the ability to change your screen size from 400x280 to 600x420 for all of you muscle-Mac owners. Also, Manse includes over 30K of story text to keep things interesting. You also get a Newton in the game where you can save past messages from those trapped deep in the Manse.

For all of you who have been asking, Manse will be entering beta soon. Look for its release later on this Spring. Because of the technology used in this game, Manse will require a PPC Macintosh that has the ability to display thousands of colors.

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