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About This Newsletter -- General information about this document and Ambrosia as a company. Come and meet the gang.

Info. -- Legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia Times. Sign up now for your free subscription.

What's New -- ColorSwitch Pro has been released and the Bubble Trouble Contest is well under way. But that's not all that's happening here. We have some "new stuff" in the works.

Kudos & Criticism -- Each month we dig our hands into the Ambrosia mailbag for a few select letters to answer in this section.

President's Letter -- Find out how Andrew organizes his busy schedule with Apple newest PDA.

ColorSwitch Pro Press Release -- The release of ColorSwitch Pro has arrived. Check out the details of this handy little program.

Bubble Trouble High Score Update -- What up in the water? The Bubble Troublers are hard at work getting those scores up. Come see what's happening in the BTHSC!

Manse Preview -- We have some new things to tell you about concerning our new action/adventure game, Manse. Did we say it was way cool?

Delver Preview -- Glenn tells us a little more about the project he has in the works. See what the world of Cythera is all about.

Up Close and Personal with Glenn Andreas -- Glenn speaks out on his past projects, and Delver, his biggest one to date.

Geekette -- Gayle discovers that she actually can shred, and she doesn't even need a shredder!

Bitwise Operator -- Matt takes a look at some of the resources available to developers in the first appearance of his article.

How To -- Cajun hawks our new utility ColorSwitch Pro, and shows how easy CSP can make your life.

Eeek A Bug! -- ColorSwitch Pro does have a few problems, but what initial version or a product doesn't? Here's what we know about the bugs in CSP.

Ramblings -- What kind of games will we be playing in the future? Will you want to play games when you're 64? You bet!

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