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Cythera 1.0.0b2 Screenshots

Cythera is now in its second beta release, and we're more excited than greased-up monkeys about it! The latest version features a more rich world to explore. These screenshots should give you another taste of the good things to come!

Deep inside the hall of the ageless LandKing, the wealth of a storeroom invites your attention. Can you unlock the secrets held within?

The handiwork of Thoas, the blacksmith, will surely help you on your quest. Of course, his prices are only this low in the development version of the game.

The famed magisterium in Pnyx will provide critcial knowledge and experience. While there are no foes to speak of inside the building, it will certainly be a challenge to extract its secrets.

In the fishing town of Kosha, a beggar relates a story of a conversation long past. Give him a present of oboloi, and he will be kind to you in the future.

Ferocious giant slugs and other rancorous beasts await you in the subterranean world. Only the best of adventurers can escape unscathed.

Villainous bandits and other assorted ruffians attempt to hinder your progress. Perhaps raiding a bandit stronghold will account for sufficient reciprocation.

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