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What's New

by Jason Whong

What is new? New comes from the Latin adjective "novus", which could be used after a Latin noun to denote that something was new. It probably has some Greek roots, too. But I don't speak Greek. If you're American, you'll find this word on the $1 bill.

But enough about money - Let's get down to the nitty gritty - what's Novus at Ambrosia Software?

Mars Rising 1.0.1 testing

That's right, Mars Rising 1.0.1 is in beta testing right now, and should be released Real Soon Now. The new version supports InputSprockets, so you'll be able to use a whole mess of joysticks without worrying about arcane hardware configuration. You'll even be able to use the mouse as a controller!

Additionally, the release fixes a resolution-switching bug. More details about this in David Dunham's Eeek! A Bug piece later in the issue. All in all, it looks like it will be a pretty important update.

Override this!

Override is progressing smoothly. For those that haven't read the AT in a while, Override is our forthcoming followup to Matt Burch's fantastic Escape Velocity. The underpinnings of the game will be similar, with enhancements to the EV engine made by Matt Burch himself. The scenario, however, should be one of the most immersive scenarios ever made. John Cook, our accounting person and office manager, is completely addicted to the alpha version. If it passes the Cook test, you know it has to be good.

An interview with Peter Cartwright, the boffin responsible for this part of the game, can be found later in this issue. Too bad he didn't send us a picture for all of the women to ogle.

Cythera details

Cythera is now in its second beta release. We've been expanding the world of Cythera to make the game much more fun, and it looks like the changes are starting to pay off. The testers seem pleased with the latest beta, and hopefully this means that we're that much closer to a release. But all new additions require testing, so it may be just a little longer.

You'll find some nice screenshots later in this issue.


Matt Slot has been busy chugging away on our Network_Tool API. An API is a building block of code which can be used to quickly add functionality to a program. To the developer, this networking API is great news because it makes development of network games that much easier, slicing development time. That means that networkable games can show up faster for the gamers.

Network_Tool will be in the foundation for many of our forthcoming games. This is a Very Good Thing.


James Tolchard has set up an e-mail list for discussion Ambrosia-related and other topics. To join, drop a note to Majordomo@tom.forfree.at, with "Subscribe spinoff" (without quotes) in the body of the message.

New UK Mirror!

Tim Dunton at Always Apple has set up an official Ambrosia Software mirror at ftp://ftp.alwaysapple.co.uk/ambrosia/. If you're in Europe, and want to download Ambrosia's products more quickly, please use this site for all of your downloads. Also, Always Apple is a great web site as well. Tim's a great guy, and we're thrilled to be working with him.

Ambrosia Marketing Survey

We've recently posted the Ambrosia Marketing survey. Check out http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/New/survey.html and tell us a little bit about yourself. Leave your e-mail address for a chance to win a free Ambrosia game. We will not use the e-mail addresses for any other purpose.

What's New is New!

After a brainstorming session in the company Hummer, Andrew and I decided that our What's New page was not informative enough. So, we've added some more info to the page - The products and their latest version numbers, the status of projects currently in development, and other important info.

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