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Cool Stuff

by John Haley

New Feature

Hi folks. New section for you to play with. Here at Ambrosia we come into contact with some pretty neat stuff. Being the generous folks that we are, we thought we would share some of this with our loyal fans.

If this new chapter is well received, I'll make it a reoccurring one. Not everything will be related to computers, since not everything we relate to has to do with computers. The common denominator will be that the subjects will be something that we think you'll enjoy.

Please note that this is not going to be glorified ad space. Of course, we'll let you know how to get a hold of the good stuff, but Ambrosia doesn't solicit or accept paid advertisements for The Ambrosia Times. This way, with no money changing hands, we keep our motives pure.

[Scan of Mac Bathroom Reader cover ]

The Mac Bathroom Reader

This month I would like to talk about a book that is a little different from other volumes crowding the shelves in Macdom. The title is The Mac Bathroom Reader and the author is Owen W. Linzmayer.

What was the pre-launch code name for Apple's revolutionary new trackpad?

I still consider myself sort of a newbie when it comes to the Macintosh computer (you might too, if you hung out with Andrew and Cajun all day long). I count a lot on books to learn as much as possible, so I burn through a lot of them. If you are looking for a hard core how-to book, then The Mac Bathroom Reader is not for you. This is a fun book. Even the title is fun.

How many times did the Macintosh intro. commercial "1984" air in public?

The Mac Bathroom Reader is packed full of interesting trivia about Apple, the people behind the scenes, and the products they have worked on. We are not talking a dry history lesson here. Apple's history has been anything but dry, and the author has managed to dig up a lot of the dirt and present it in a humorous way.

Linzmayer covers the corporate activities of Apple right up to press time. Details about the rocky start of the company, its strange corporate bedfellows, and the revolving door of corporate leadership are all touched upon in a humorous way. A directory of major players is included, with what they did then, and what they are up to now. Who knows? You may be living down the street from a little bit of history.

What items were sold to help raise the needed startup capital to create the original Apple I?

I learned a lot about the Apple family of computers themselves. I know my way around a Mac, but it was interesting to find out how it all started. I also learned about the Lisa and several ill fated projects I had never heard of. "Secret" pre-launch project codes are divulged and explained, making some pretty weird names seem logical.

Besides Apple and its products, The Mac Bathroom Reader also talks a little bit about some other companies in Macdom. Thanks to an alphabetical listing, Ambrosia shares a page spread with Apple itself. Nice neighborhood to be in.

Another section talks about the Easter Eggs for different hardware and software. Stumbling across one of these is always a treat. The "Stupid Macintosh" section details some of the technical service urban myths that are popular, like some poor soul attempting to use his mouse as a remote control.

What inscription can be found on the inside casings of early Macintosh computers?

The book is formatted in such a way that it is easy to just pick up and read a few lines, put it down and come back later. This fact probably has something to do with the title. I was having so much fun reading it that I really didn't put it down for long.

Real Deal

The sticker price on the back of the book says US$12.99. Talking with the author, Owen Linzmayer, Ambrosia found out that you can get an autographed copy directly from him, with a special bonus.

Order today and receive a FREE copy of The Macintosh Joker which contains 33 harmless prank programs. For both books, send just US$13 for Priority Mail shipping in the US and surface delivery everywhere else (send Owen email if interested in international air postage details).

Mail cash, check (drawn on US bank) or money order (denominated in US funds) to the following address, and indicate what book(s) you are ordering:

Owen Ink
2227 15th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94116-1824

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