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How To

Special keys in Ambrosia's games

by "The Cajun"

I have been receiving a large amount of mail regarding features in Apeiron that aren't very obvious. In fact, they aren't obvious at all. Actually, we don't even mention the features in any of the instructions or the notes text file that comes with the Apeiron archive. These features have been used in the past with our games, and we are keeping to the standard. Apeiron, as well as Swoop, has these features, and you can expect to find the same things in all of Ambrosia's entertainment products.

The Escape key

The escape key is the one that will abort the game you're playing. This is not a "quit" key, but an "end the game because the pizza's here" key. It is only operational when you are playing the game.

The Space Bar

While you are at the title screen in one of our games, hitting the space bar will toggle the menu bar on and off. This will allow you to hide the game or switch to another application without quitting.

The Caps Lock key

The Caps Lock key will pause any of Ambrosia's current games. The funny thing about this feature is that it catches many folks of guard. Imagine, if you will...

You just got your shiney new Ambrosia Software License Postcard in the mail. "Oh boy," you say, "now I can be legal!" So you run off to your computer, and power it up. You then navigate to your games folder (I know everyone has one of these) and double click on the product, and it begins to load in. As it's loading, you study the license code and notice that it is all in caps. You then try to pronounce it (not that the license code is supposed to be spoken, but it's a fun thing to do). After the game loads in, the shareware notice appears. "Finally," you say, "I can click something other than the 'Not Yet' button." After clicking on the "Enter Code" button, you continue to enter the information just as it appears on the card (you always follow instructions). When you get to the license code, you hit the Caps Lock key and enter it in (as shown, like a good boy). "Ah...," you say to yourself, "code accepted, now I can play legit." But no, says the Ambrosia Product, this game is paused.

The Caps Lock key is still locked down. So remember, when paused, hit the Caps Lock.

Happy pausing.

"Cajun" David Richard
Technical Services Manager
Ambrosia Software, Inc.
AOL: AmbrosiaSW

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