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President's Letter

On the Warpath

Some fundamental changes in the way we work here at Ambrosia Software have occurred over the last few months: we've switched development tools from THINK C to Code Warrior .

Code Warrior is an excellent modular development environment produced by MetroWerks. What this means to you is that we'll be able to deliver PowerPC native versions of our products when they go through the upgrade process.

This was the main reason for the switch in development tools: the ability to produce PowerPC native code. The PowerPC architecture is Apple's future, and we'd like to be a part of it! We will of course continue to maintain, support, and develop products for 680x0 Macintoshes, but we're moving ahead full-steam in our support for the PowerPC architecture.

The first product on the drawing boards for an upgrade and PowerPC native version is our startup quote product Oracle. Why did we choose to work on this product?

First, I wanted a project that was not logistically complex in order to get up to speed with the Code Warrior environment. Second, the database engine I'm working on for Oracle will be reused in other products such as Easy Envelopes Plus -- better to write and test it with a simpler project. Finally, we've a number of cool ideas that we think will make Oracle a must-have product.

More news about the Oracle upgrade is forthcoming. Stay tuned.

Switching gears quickly, I'd like to congratulate David Wareing, the author of Ambrosia's brand new action game Swoop. Swoop marks the first product published by Ambrosia that wasn't developed in-house -- and we couldn't have started off this tradition with a better product or a nicer gentleman.

There's much more information on Swoop elsewhere in this month's newsletter. If you haven't downloaded Swoop yet, I think the screen shots in this issue will convince you.

This is yet another trail we're blazing: bringing you only the highest quality shareware products from developers all over the world, combined with Ambrosia's robust support systems. Let us know how you think we're doing.

Wish me a happy birthday on May 2nd, and in gratitude I'll send you one of Hector's feathers. Heck, I'll send you the whole bird.


[Andrew's Signature]

Andrew Welch

Ambrosia Software, Inc.

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