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What's New

by John Haley
This month the "What's New page" is going to look just like the table of contents. For most of what is new, we have full articles for. Here's a brief summary.

[Swoop Title Art]

Swoop Is Out
After careful beta testing, Swoop has been released. This much anticipated arcade thriller is bound to be a hit. Be sure to check out the Swoop chapter. Better yet, spend a little download time and take those little Swoopers home with you. Here at the office, someone managed to tip over the jar of Swoopers we have on hand for promotional purposes. Now the little buggers have infested this issue of The Ambrosia Times.

New Registration Brochure
Our trusty old postcard has been retired. See the "New Brochure" chapter to check out its slick replacement. A full color brochure, complete with postage paid order form, will now carry your registration codes to you in style.

Buenos Días Macworld España!
Yhat is about as far as my Spanish language skills take me. Ambrosia Software's shareware titles are now being included with Macworld Spain 's monthly CD. Macintosh mouse repair shops all over the Iberian peninsula rejoice at the coming of Apeiron.

Internet Outpost
Digital Madness, a third party distributor, has created a World Wide Web page from past issues of The Ambrosia Times. It's located at:

Although this online oasis isn't operated by Ambrosia, mail is being forwarded, and the software library is up to date. Stay tuned for Ambrosia's own home grown WWW page, coming soon.

T-shirts In The Works
Ambrosia will soon be taking delivery of a supply of Apeiron T-shirts. No, we aren't going into the garment industry. These shirts can't be bought with currency. They must be paid for with sweat, tears, and mouse parts. See the Apeiron High Score Contest chapter for details.

Everyone loves a little humor now and then. How about sharing some of your favorite jokes with Ambrosia? If you have a joke or two, E-mail it to AmbrosiaMK@aol.com. I will sort through the ones that I receive and publish them in an upcoming issue of The Ambrosia Times. That way we can all look forward to a few more laughs with the next issue. Be sure to include your name (not e-mail address) so we can give credit where credit is due.

Please remember, the online community is a diverse slice of humanity. If your humour can be taken as offensive to others (except DOS users), we'll be unable to use it.

Personally, I do not like Geneva as a font. So in the trash it goes (Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely), I've replaced it with Times. A "serif" font such as Times is 'posed to be much more readable. There's a difference in the actual size of characters though. 12pt. Times appears to be a little smaller than 12pt. Geneva. Let us know if you like the change. I think it gives The Ambrosia Times a nice clean crisp look.

Also, this time out I tried some wacky text / picture formatting. If anyone has any trouble with this, like your page looks yucky, let us know.

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