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Eeeek A Bug!

by "Cajun" David Richard

Two products have been updated in the last two months: Chiral and Barrack. Following is the list of fixed bugs in the two games:

Chiral 1.0.4

Chiral 1.0.3

We also released a version of Chiral about a month prior to the release of 1.0.4. Here are the fixes:

Barrack 1.0.1

Barrack has also been upgraded and improved. Aside from the addition of the High Score Contest, we have also refined game play a little. For those of your who were complaining that the game play was taking too long, download this new version and you will be in for a new challenge. Conserve those lives...

If you run into any further bugs that are not reported here, please send a complete report to help@AmbrosiaSW.com

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