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by Ben Spees

Ben Spees and Ambrosia Software present...

The power of the swivel chair surrounds us. Since the dawn of the modern office, men and women of bravery and determination have used it for good, defending the ideals of truth, justice and non-dairy creamer, standing firm against the dark tide of evil.

But there have always been those who have sought to control this power, to exploit it, to use it for petty material gain and cruel, sadistic pleasure.

Under the aegis of the rising New World Order, maniacal corporations have mercilessly hunted down the few, the proud, the masters of the swivel chair!

Now, in a dark era of corporate downsizing and "increased productivity," only one remains. His rock-solid integrity and strange ability to look attractive under fluorescent light have almost brought him to the top.

Join the ranks of these mighty swivel-chair avengers! Discover your own inner power! Become Harry the Handsome Executive -- his destiny is in your hands! Will he turn to good or evil? Will he have the courage to confront the infamous Dr. Ubermann, or will he succumb to the temptations of corporate success and slinky secretaries?

With a single kick of his tasseled loafers Harry instantly glides from cubicle to cubicle, with nary a hair out of place. But this is no ordinary swivel chair. Harnessing the powers of their ancient and mysterious order, masters of the swivel chair craft their own fearsome chariots of vengeance, from caster to lumbar cushion. While handcuffed. Underwater. In the middle of a board meeting. A true master's swivel chair ceases to be mere furniture and becomes an extension of his body -- of his very soul!

Guide Harry through the action-packed and perilous world of the modern office, and discover the sinister secrets hidden far below the towering obelisk of black glass that is ScumCo Tower. In Harry's manicured hands, the swivel chair could become a force powerful to enough to liberate the toiling masses from the tyrannical reign of Dr. Ubermann and his legions of enslaved middle managers! Follow Harry on his epic journey, as he enters the shadowy board rooms of the soul, where schemes and trickery dictate the fate of millions!

Can Harry add this conquest to his resume while still keeping his pension and vacation days intact? Can Harry skirt the evil gaze of suspicious managers bent on downsizing him? Only time, and the winds of destiny will tell...

Harry the Handsome Executive -- the next generation in high-fidelity office combat simulation -- coming to a Macintosh near you, sometime before the next annual report...

Rumour has it that more information on Harry the Handsome Executive can be found at: http://www.HandsomeHarry.com/. If you are using a browser (such as AOL 2.7) that doesn't support virtual domains, use the URL http://www.Avara.com/Harry/.

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