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What's New

by "Cajun" David Richard

Here Comes the Sun!

It's amazing. The weather here in Rochester changes so radiply. Just last issue, we had snow. Now we are way up in the mid 60's. Boy, we are all pretty happy about the appearance of the sun. It means no more snow boots, no more brushing off your car twice a day. It means OUTDOORS! Ah.... Now that that's out of the way...

ColorSwitch Pro 1.1.0

Matt has been working on fixing the bugs uncovered in the first release of ColorSwitch Pro. In the process, he has created a couple of modules for the product as a result of requests from our users.

The first module is a Networking module that gives you easy access to AppleTalk and File Sharing. This allows for these settings to be turned on and off via a simple selection from the CSP menu. The other module is a PPP module. It comes in quite handy if you have a PPP account on the Internet, and have to connect or disconnect often. The PPP module also has a status window that displays the IP address you are currently using, and an elapsed timer that indicates how long you are connected to your host.

These modules are shipped with the CSP 1.1.0 package. If you are a CSP user, we recommend that you upgrade your copy to version 1.1.0 if you wish to use the new modules. Also, the separate modules are available from the CSP Add Ons page located at: http://www.ambrosiasw.com/Products/Add_Ons/Misc_AddOns.html

Also, we have had some requests for a way to disable the "optional" resolutions in the CSP menu. These are the menu items that are listed as italics in the display pane. Because of some archetectual problems in the program, the only way to make this possible is to release a new Display module that does not display the optional resolutions. This altered module is also available from the CSP Add Ons page.

A complete list of changes in CSP 1.1.0 can be found in this issue's Eeek A Bug.

Escape Velocity 1.0.5

Also in our brand new bin is the latest version of Escape Velocity, 1.0.5. Not only does this version open all of the "broken" pilot files you may have, it also features new and improved graphics for just about every ship in the game. Unfortnately, because of all of the new artwork in the new version, the update is a little larger than normal. But, the artwork is worth it ;)

A complete list of changes in EV 1.0.5 can be found in this issue's Eeek A Bug.

Snapz Pro and Eclipse updates

This update thing is contageous. Andrew has plans to update both Snapz Pro and Eclipse 3. These updates will be feature upgrades, and will contain some often requested features from our users. For instance, Snapz Pro will have the ability to save in GIF, TIFF and JPEG formats as well as the popular PICT format. Eclispe will feature energy conservation abilities. We are early in the process, so we don't have a lot of information at the moment. However, developments with these products will be announced in future issues of The Ambrosia Times.

A New Game

For those of you who are news junkies (or those who are game junkies), Ambrosia has started the ball rolling on yet another game for your entertainment pleasure. This game, called Harry the Handsome Executive, will pit you against the evil forces of Corporate America (my kind of game ;). Aside from being a very well written game and enjoyable to play, it's also quite hilarious. See the sneak preview later on in this issue.

Manse and Cythera

Manse is looking better and better every day, and will be in beta in the next few weeks. As you can see above, the interface is staring to take shape, and the appearance is becoming more spiffy ;) For those of you who haven't heard, Manse is a first person perspective adventure game with a true 3-D enviroment. It will require a PPC Macintosh with 16-bit color capabilities.

Cythera (the first product being built on the Delver engine) is also progressing nicely. It too is gearing up for beta testing as well. Currently, we are gathering up artwork for Cythera, and the above image is a sample of a splash screen in the game. Cythera is not one of those hack and slash role playing games, rather it is more of a story teller, where you are a participant in the story!

Keep an eye on future issues of The Ambrosia Times for progress reports on the progress of these two games.

NeXT Cube

In order to get a leg up on Rhapsody development, Ambrosia has aquired a NeXT Cube. This little beast has quite the engine under the hood. It should arrive in the office any day now, and since Andrew has some experience working with these machines, making the transition to Rhapsody development should be a piece of cake! We will keep you posted on the developments.

The Delta_V and the AOL Forum Demise

Well, we didn't want to do it, but we felt we had no choice. The Delta_V mailing list has been closed down. Why? Well, there was just too many off-topic posts, spam, and unnessesary messages being sent. The complains we were receiving began to affect the level of service we provide to people who really need it. Therefore, we really had no choice but to shut it down.

However, have no fear, there are other resources available for you if you are interested in plug-in design. Some enthusiastic plug-in designers have set up an alternative list called the EV_Delta. Check out this issue's How To for the low-down on plug-in design and this new list.

American Online, in a stroke of brilliance, has decided to start charging its content providers a happy $55,000 a year for a company's presence on their service. After much discussion with AOL, our AOL users, and each other, we have decided to close down the forum (as you can plainly see, we had a ton of options). Andrew has all of the official news in the President's Letter later on in this issue.

Ciao for now.

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