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Cythera b3 Pics

Cythera's development reached a new high point with its third beta release. While Glenn Andreas continues to labor, Here is a peek at some of the things you can find inside Land King Hall. Adventure awaits you, in this world that becomes even more immersive as it nears release.


Just when you thought you could sleep in your own bed, a vision appears to you, refusing to let you rest. With so many powerful forces in this land, you wonder if you'll ever comprehend all of it.

the test

The strange power gives you a test. Can you find your way out of this cramped room? It'll take careful mousing.

Deep within the cove, dangerous foes await. Only the strong can survive the onslaught of crustaceans!

The skeleton guardians of the stronghold don't like you. Maybe you could take parts of them back as souvenirs.

The swamp, while filled with natural beauty, is also fraught with perilous obstacles.

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