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Ambrosia Software Releases Escape Velocity Override: A Fun, Fitting Followup to an Original Classic

Jason Whong
Ambrosia Software, Inc.
PO Box 23140
Rochester, NY 14692
Tel: 716.325.1910
Fax: 716.325.3665

Rochester, NY -- April 29th, 1998 -- In the distant future, when humans had colonized the galaxies, technology prevailed. Pioneers roamed the galaxy in search of riches and treasures. After an uneventful century of typical interstellar corporate greed and economic oppression, the dreaded Voinians came. Mankind was not prepared.

With superior armor and firepower, the earthlings were quickly driven back. But the humans, under the leadership of the new United Earth government, fought valiantly and decisively, crippling the Voinian offensive at Sol, and forcing the alien intruders to retire to their own space.

Now, the war wages on, with no end in sight. The hated Voinian empire is bent on destroying humankind. Much of space is still unexplored. Are there other aliens to meet, trade with and learn from? Can the galaxy ever attain true peace?

EV: Override is Ambrosia's huge follow up to the classic Escape Velocity. With an immersive story and universe created by Peter Cartwright, a new conflict begins to unfold. Much like the original game by Matt Burch, you are cast as a pioneering space captain with only a small shuttlecraft, a bit of money, and a strong sense of destiny. But the similarity ends there.

Override features a universe five times the size of the original game, and a slew of populated worlds within. Gone are the neverending wars which raged in the original game; instead, winning critical battles can change the face of the universe. Or, if you're happy with the existing balance of power, you can make a living as a humble trader. Just watch out for those pesky renegades, who want nothing more than to swipe the precious cargo from your holds.

Override also takes advantage of an improved Escape Velocity engine for improved game play, and enhanced flexibility for scenario developers. Additionally, the game contains stunning new graphics and sound, over 250 new missions, a multitude of human and alien governments, and all the excitement of the original EV game.

Override requires a Mac capable of driving a monitor at 640x480 resolution in 256 colors, and takes advantage of higher resolutions without a hitch. Optimized for the PowerPC, it still runs on even older Macintoshes with 13 MB of free RAM. It's time to rediscover addiction. The unexplored universe awaits!

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