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Kudos and Criticism

by Ambrosia Software Users


This section features reader responses to Ambrosia's software & service. We will include the good with the bad, and address any problems brought to our attention. These are real people writing real letters about real issues. Feel free to drop us a line.

Two sides of the same coin


The money stealing was a great idea. It would have been a couple more weeks before I registered if it weren't for that. Good job guys.

-- [Name Withheld]


Thanks for having the shareware steal 87,000 of my credits. I was addicted to the game, but now I have stopped in disgust. I had purchased the previous version for $20 and was planning to buy the upgrade. Maybe I still might, but I definitely have a bad taste in my mouth.

My point is that this is REALLY REALLY annoying. Especially at 12:30 a.m.

P.S. I DO have a lot of work, so maybe it's a good thing."

-- [Name Withheld]

I threw that one in just so I would have a hundred emails with your personal opinions about Hector, can't wait ;-)

More EVO

While I love the expanded storyline and game morphology, I am having some problems with Override. First of all, if I were the publisher I would be pretty embarrassed about the ubiquity of spelling and grammar errors. You guys ever heard of SpellCheck?"

--- Sean Mcgill

I had gotten quite few emails pointing out the "misspellings" in EVO. I gave her my standard response. "EVO was developed by some British chaps, and they insisted on using the English spellings." She quickly responded.

"The spellings are not correct, is "forces" spelled "fores" in Britain, as it is spelled in the description of my ship. I've forgotten the name but it is the one called new fangled by the Strandless. These curt responses from your company seem innapropriate. I don't know what you make an hour but I've paid Ambrosia at least $100 in registration fees and am considering paying more. I don't ask that you spend more than a few minutes reviewing my notes, and perhaps checking on them if there seems some validity. At this point I will find every spelling error I can to dissuade you of assumptions."
Well she quickly shut my mouth. I don't think even them blokes spell forces f-o-r-e-s. I also reviewed my policy and decided my answers were just fine. Just kidding. Since we released EVO I have come in with well over 150 emails every morning. I have been trying to roll through them while giving, and getting as much information as possible. I understand her feelings, she went to all the trouble of writing me, noting the problems she had encountered and then I answer with the cyber equivalent of a form letter. I apologize if I have been short with any of you. I really try to give a good answer to each and every email I get. If I haven't, then please, yell at me.

Strokin' Dave's Ego

Hey, just tried your tip for getting rid of that display problem in EVO. Increased the memory allocation by 2 MB and my ship is back to normal, along with my escorts and all the other ships I encounter. I really appreciate your getting back to me so quickly--I kept playing despite the bug, but with my UE carrier and every other ship looking like a UE fighter, it got really confusing. Anyways, thanks again, and if I've said it once, I've said it a million times: you guys make great games. Keep it up.

-- Alex Rubalcava

We're Nice guys!

I am a registered user of Snapz Pro. I have just downloaded and installed Snapz Pro 1.1.0. I was formerly unable to send my captured images using Snapz Pro 1.0.1 directly to my printer (I am using a Quadra 840 AV computer, LW 8.5.1 printer software) without crashing. With the new version, NO CRASHES! Thank you. Also your policy of free upgrades is very generous. Again, thanks.

-- Sam McDonald

Praise Harry

You don't have to send me a reply. I just wanted to tell you that I've entered my code and now I can't stop! Ben is a great game developer. Definite kudos to him. As a sidebar, I am disabled and have only the use of one arm/hand. Harry is great because it can be played with only one hand. So, on a personal note, many many thanks!

-- Mr Adkerson

We're still here

Is Ambrosia still okay? I mean, I just had to ask this question. Except for the Override that just came out, there doesn't seem to be much action. Ambrosia Times hasn't been out for quite some time, and there hasn't been much action on your page. Also, when I followed your link to download.com it turned out that I was the first person to download override (screen shot enclosed). Still waiting for your great software yet to come!

P.S. I took the screen shot with the registered version of Snapz Pro 1.01 ;-).

-- Niki Miyake

I had to smile at this one. I recieved it about a week after releasing Snapz Pro 1.1.0 and EVO.

The Ambrosia Times was about a week late, but not due to inactivity, but due to too much activity. With all of the releases at once, we didn't have time to put the AT together. But I hope you can all see that Ambrosia is alive and kicking.

For Weirdness Sake:

Thank you for making such a great game for the Macintosh! My wife and I are avid Mac and Escape Velocity fans. In fact, we liked it so much, we decided to change our last name to Velociteer a couple of months ago. Well, guess what? Three days ago I just found out my wife is pregnant! (Cigars for everyone!) Anyway, if it's a boy we're going to name him Patrick Escape. Well, what do you think? Beleive us, the honor is all ours, because of such a righteous game! Thank you so much!

-- Nate Velociteer

What can I say about that?

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