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About This Newsletter -- General information about this document and Ambrosia as a company. Come and meet the gang.

Info. -- Legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia Times. Sign up now for your free subscription.

What's New -- Override is Here! Read about it, and other cool developments right here.

Kudos & Criticism -- The mail keeps rolling in. We've filtered through all of the little ones and zeroes to bring you the real gems.

President's Letter -- Find out what President Andrew Welch thinks of Apple's announcements of May 11. Don't worry, it's all good!

Software Showcase: EV Override -- The long-awaited followup to EV will send explosions through your ADB chain!

EV Override Strategy -- Lemonius Funk offers his tips for surviving the harsh realities of the dangerous universe.

Cythera B3 Pics -- Cythera is almost here! Look at these cool pics of Land King Hall in this sneak peek.

Up Close and Personal with Ben Heffron -- When we're not kicking our fax machines, we kick our interns. Did you know he could say "Ow!" in 47 languages?

Geek Boy -- Jason Whong explores Cancun in this special edition of Geek Boy.

Cook's Corner -- Find out what happens when John Cook hides Jason's wallet deep within the bowels of Ambrosia HQ.

Bitwise Operator -- Matt Slot discusses internal state validation and error propagation. A must-read for any programmer!

How To -- Check out how we troubleshoot our fax machine with a baseball bat and a large military-grade vehicle.

Eeek A Bug! -- David Dunham's first article examines the recent Harry 1.0.1 update, and other issues.

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