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What's New

by Jason Whong

What's New

With the month of May comes spring, sunshine, and many fluffy yummy thingies. The seeds of life spring toward their destinies, and citizens around the world rejoice in peace and harmony. Through the parched soil arises a new amusement from Ambrosia!

Uh, yeah. I mean... Happy May, and looky looky looky, here comes EV Override!

Override released!

In case you've been living in a cave (Or offline while on vacation, as was my case) for the last few weeks, you may not have heard that EV Override has been released. Well, it looks like this release really takes the cake for being the most hectic. With Jason and John gone for various reasons, David was left all alone for most of the week, while thousands of fans called, faxed and e-mailed with orders and questions. Meanwhile, at night, Matt Walicke accelerated his carpal tunnel syndrome by a few more years entering all of the orders so all of you could get your license codes on time.

Response has been very good, and we are pleased with how well the Mac gaming public seems to be accepting EV Override. Override is Ambrosia's first $25 game, but registered users of Escape Velocity can snag it for $15.

Override and Insanely Great Macintosh

Congratulations to Elizabeth Rieb, who won her own ship in EV Override through a contest we held at Insanely Great Mac. Now, when you fly through space, look for her ship. But don't blow her up - she's a mean one! Look for more contests like this in the future.

Mars Rising 1.0.1 Released

David Wareing labored for many months, and released version 1.0.1 of Mars Rising, which adds support for inputSprocket. It also contains a few other bug fixes. Unfortunately, it removes the popular 2-player cheat. Still, the update is highly recommended, as it lets you use all of those keeno-rad joysticks without having to configure a thing!

Cythera in third beta

RPG lovers, get ready! Cythera is getting closer and closer to ship date with its beta 3 release. This one looks better than the others, with new artwork and fun quests. Of course, this brings Cythera even closer to a release, so be patient (as you were with Overrride), and soon you'll have your very own world to explore.

More games in the works?

We've always got projects in the pipeline. You never know when one might slither out. Well, we've got something in the pupal stages, and it might just hatch into an alpha, or even a beta. We'll continue to work our charms on this one until it's ready for an announcement... All I can say right now is that it's a-maze-ingly fun.

Ambrosia will continue to rock on. I guarantee it.

How is the AT?

The next issue of the Ambrosia Times will be the beginning of its fifth year, and we hope to make some changes in commemoration of this remarkable anniversary. Don't worry, we're not renaming it to Ambrosia Times Pro, or anything like that.

What I'd like to know is:

Please drop a note to jason@AmbrosiaSW.com with your thoughts.

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