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by David Dunham


This section features reader responses to Ambrosia's software & service. We will include the good with the bad, and address any problems brought to our attention. These are real people writing real letters about real issues. Feel free to drop us a line.

This came from MIT. Kind of scary, huh?

I'm probably the 10 trillionth person to ask you this, but:

Is that demolition story in the Times true?!!?!?!??!!

Are you implying that Jason, marketing droid extraordinaire, would mislead our loyal readers? Heavens to Betsie...( That's a phrase my grandpappy used to say that means, "Are you nuts boy!?!"

How on Earth did you manage to fall 3 stories with only minor head injuries?

Jason has a head like a rock. It's gonna take more than a ton of bricks to knock that noggin.

How did you manage to get into a condemned building? (Shouldn't there be warning tape all over the place?)

When Mars Rising calls, we all rise to the occasion. Let that be a lesson to you. If you're persistent enough, you too can sneak into a condemned building, past security, yellow tape and warning signs to play a game in a condemned building until it crashes around your ears.

Anyway, I doubt you have the time to answer me personally, but if it's true, I just wanted to express my sympathies.

We try our best to answer any and all correspondence, especially the ones from silly, gullible, too trusting people.

What is the deal with them shiny jumpsuits?

Why is the guy in the Escape Velocity startup screen naked?

He isn't naked, that's just one of those space jumpsuit/bodysuits that all people wear in the future.

If you like it now, just you wait...

I just put together a presentation in roughly 10 minutes using Snapz. I never would have made the presentation if I didn't have your screen capture software.

Did I ever tell you how much I like Snapz?!?

Andrew is working his magic this very minute on the best screen capture utility in the business...

Until next time, this is David Dunham, saying so long...

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