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About This Newsletter -- General information about this document and Ambrosia as a company. Come and meet the gang, read exciting legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia Times. Sign up now for your free subscription.

What's New -- Details on MacWorld NY, our amazin' projects in the works, and other news.

Kudos & Criticism -- We fooled at least one of you in the last issue!

President's Letter -- Andrew took a break from coding Snapz Pro 2 to write about... Snapz Pro 2!

Sneak Snapz -- Secret agent Hector D. Byrd has smuggled out pictures of Ferazel's Wand, Cythera, and even *gasp* Pop-Pop!

Up Close and Personal with Andrew Campbell -- Look inside the mind of the man behind Pop-Pop. (Not literally, of course.)

Geek Boy -- Business, and all its intricacies, as told by our own Geek.

Bitwise Operator -- Matt Slot discusses open source software, from the eyes of a developer.

How To -- This month's how-to covers one of the most vital activities in any computer user's life -- backing up. Read this. It's important.

Eeek A Bug! -- It's a column we wish we didn't have to write, but David keeps track of the conflicts out there. Find out what he's been seeing here at the office.

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