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by Jason Whong

It's May...

It's May -- all the news that fits, we print!

A lot of exciting things have been going on in the last few months. There are plenty of funky announcements this time around, as well as some news about the projects we have in the works. Keep reading -- things rock.

MacWorld New York 1999 approaches

Buy your tickets now! Ambrosia is teaming up with Kernel Productions and Green Dragon Creations to make MacWorld New York fantastic and memorable. We'll be in the Gaming Area, where you can try your luck in the National Macintosh Gaming Championships. Or, if you're not in the mood for competition, look for us in booth 1572, where we'll have plenty of exciting games to show you.

But that's not all! If all goes well, we should have a second booth in the Digital Media Studio (a QuickTime pavilion) to show off Snapz Pro 2. Visit both Ambrosia booths for twice the Ambrosia excitement!

Snapz Pro 2 becoming a reality

Andrew has really battoned down the hatches in his valiant efforts to complete Snapz Pro 2. I've been coming to the office at weird hours, and each time, he's here, hard at work, coding. Because of this, Snapz Pro 2 is just about ready for beta.

One interesting feature that Snapz Pro 2 has picked up in the development cycle: recording QuickTime movies with sound, including simulated key and mouse clicks. Also, it looks like support for PNG and TIFF capture will be in the final release as well.

Once it's ready, it'll ship! Keep your web browsers tuned to SnapzPro.com for the release.

Cythera is coming

Cythera is in its 8th beta release; Glenn Andreas is working double-time to incorprate new features into the game. The testers are working to stomp all of the bugs, and we're all working on making the game just perfect for the upcoming release.

We'll all be quite happy when the game is completed. We're planning on having a private release party, complete with some Cytheran South Shore Pinot Noir, or something to that effect. (What is the South Shore Vineyard? Guess you'll have to play the game to find out.) Check out some fun screenshots in the Sneak Snapz section.

Ferazel gliding along

Ben Spees is facing a tough juggling act! He's already moved Ferazel's Wand into beta, and is now faced with preparing for final exams. Luckily, we're importing him to Rochester for the summer so he can devote more time to Ferazel. We're all stoked.

Beta 1 of Ferazel is a testament to Ben's hard work. The testers agree: Ferazel is one of the funnest games we've got. Fortunately, there were not too many bugs in this first beta release, so Ben can spend more time on level design and than he will fixing bugs. Oh, and did we mention that the game is a lot of fun? We've got some insteresting (and revealing) screenshots in the Sneak Snapz section. Could it be? The long-awaited hang glider shot?


We still haven't said much about Pop-Pop; it's still in the earliest stages, and there won't be much we can show you until it goes into beta. Don't panic! There's more going on than we let on! We do have an interesting first look at Pop-Pop in the sneak snapz page!

Meanwhile, if you're looking for some insights into the mind of the guy who created the the game, you might want to get a closer look at our man Andrew Campbell in the Up Close and Personal section of this ish of The 'Times. Of course, you could also stalk our offices with a seal club, beat me over the head, and tickle me until I told you. But I'd really prefer the former rather than the latter, because seal clubs hurt. And I am quite ticklish.

Yakkety Yak! (Don't talk back...)

In late March, we started an Ambrosia Web Board - and what a cool web board it is. Drop by and chat with Andrew and the gang about what's up at Ambrosia. All you need is a web browser and you can join in the fun!

More yakkin'

Speaking of discussion, we've been having some fun chats at World Without Borders. Drop in on the second wednesday of each month to see what's going on at Ambrosia. The Ambrosia Buzz Online is a once monthly chat featuring Ambrosia Staffers. Point your web browsers at http://www.wwbchat.com/ to get started.

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